The Benefits Broadcast

September 2015

September Stats....

2,811 Calls... Avg caller wait time: 5 seconds, Avg Specialist "handle" time: 5:14 minutes

441 Faxes

1,681 Emails

439 HRHD Cases in My Hub/PeopleSoft

271 Job Status Changes in Destiny

840 Worksheets submitted

236 Benefit Termination Letters

45 Evidence of Insurability Applications

83 Leave of Absence Premium Due Invoices

236 Missing Information Letters

In the News...

Just a reminder that the Benefits Service Center is open regular hours during Annual Open Enrollment for "Destiny" facilities beginning October 15th-November 5th:

M-Th 8am-5pm

Friday 8am-4:30pm

P: 407-357-2000

TF: 866-289-6690


Bizarre Trivia of the Day

The tradition of giving apples to teachers dates back to the 16th century in Denmark, where parents would pay their educators with food. Apples were considered an expensive gift because they were difficult to harvest.