Rules for Parents

By Kabir Badesha


Whatever the situation is do not keep webcams in your room. Someone can hack it and watch everything your doing (including changing your clothes). Then, they can blackmail you to do everything they want otherwise they will post it on social media. So remember if have a webcam in your room always cover it up with something or better yet take it out.


Not only does nothing on social media get deleted but it stays for life. If you take a picture on social media and delete it the next day later it doesn't. Pictures , videos or anything really never gets deleted. Any one can get access to it and if it is a inappropriate photo someone can take a screen shot of it and blackmail you. So be careful on what you post


Never open up emails or website links that you don't know. It can cause rats to get into your computer. They can put viruses into your computer which can cause it to slow down or shut your computer down. So remember be careful with what you click on.
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Nothing is private on social media. No matter what the privacy setting is, it is for the public to see. Don't think that you can post inappropriate photos because just your friends can see it.Your wrong every one can see it. So think before you post.
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Don't text and drive. When you text and drive there can be harsh consequences. You can get distracted and get into a big accident. You can kill your self and or someone else. So remember do not text and and drive
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You need to turn your location services off on your phone or computer or any device. If they are not off someone can actually figure out where you live and go into your house. So if I was who I would turn off my location services right now. For more information watch the video below.
Just Show Me: How to turn off your iPhone's location services


Never add people on social media that you don't know. They could be creepers who are trying to get close to you to hurt you. Similar to Amanda Todd's story who was dealing with cyber bulling. It all started by adding random people she didn't know and getting close with them.
My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm


Always respect copyright rules. If you ignore copyright rules it can get you in serious trouble. You get fined or even worse go to jail. So remember always respect copyright laws.
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Another way to stay safe on the internet is to turn on Google alerts.Someone is trying to search your name up on Google it will send an automatic alert to your computer which you can look into.
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Do not plagiarize. It is illegal and can get you into serious trouble. If you do it is very important you ask permission and or give permission to the author.
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