By Cooper Perry-Bolt


This survey is about You

My Survey may have Wrong answers because some people skipped a couple of answer, The Questions are about

-Age & Gender



Thank you ;D

How Old Are You?

I wasnt that suprised scening I had already known the people I sent the survey to.

Whats Your Gender?

I had alreay known the people so I wasnt that suprised about the results.

What Is Your Current Occupation

2x Student

1x Teacher

1x Speech Therapist

Hours Of Fitness You Do

Im not very suprised because I already knew the people that I had surveyed.

but I was supried to see that there was a gap between

4hrs and 8hrs.

What Would You Rate Your Fitness

1 being the worst

10 being the best

I was suprised that people thought they where really fit. But there was a big gap between 9 and 3 that I would have thought there would be more people in the middle.

How Many Clubs Are You With?

Im not that suprised about people playing with more than 1 club because some of the people said they were really fit.

Do You Go On Diets?

To lose weight

none of the people I had surveyed hadnt said anything about diets.

Do You Bottle Up Anger?

I was suprised that a couple of people dont bottle up anger.

Do You Use Drugs To Help Prevent Your Anger?

I wasnt suprised that every one said no because no ones mentioned anything about drugs.