Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorilla gorilla

Physical Appearance


-The gorilla is the largest of all primates

- Wester Low Land Adult male gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) are about 1.7m (66.9 in) In body and weight about 165.5 kg (375 Ib) Adult Females are about 1.5 m ( 59.1 in ) In body and weight about 71.5 Kg (158 Ib).


Gorillas have a distinctive shape in the their stomach are larger then their chests. Their stomach size is attributed to their enlarger, which digest the bulky fibrous vegetation they consume.

Why the animal is endangered

In the wild, these primates are under siege. Forest loss is a twofold threat; it destroys gorilla habitat and brings hungry people who hunt gorillas for bushmeat. Farming, grazing, and expanding human settlements are also shrinking the lowland gorilla's space.

Ebola has caused a nubbier of masive gorilla die offs in the remote forest in the heart of the primate's ranges.

some scientist estimate that it has killed about one third of the wild gorilla population , mostly western lowland gorillas.

Western Lowland Gorillas Of Congo | Video

What need to be done to save the animal for the future generation

  • preventing listed species from being killed or harmed
1.having a piece of land big enough for the species to multiply in numbers with out being hunted.

  • protecting habitat essential to this species
  1. make it illegal for humans to cut down plants essential for the gorillas wealth being and life style.
  • creating plans to restore health populations
  1. have veterinarians go and give them essential shots needed for them to be healthy.