Light Therapy

Removing Acne and Ensuring Clear Skin

Treats acne while healing facial skin.

The Caribbean Sun RB is a highly effective new light therapy that uses LED lamps to treat acne. This FDA approved therapy uses blue light to kill acne while using red light to heat and soothe the skin. New research shows that this treatment is the most effective yet with resulting reduction of acne on an average of 75%.

Wilshire Distributing Company

We offer 2 models used in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),2 models which are highly effective in the treatment of Acne and, our newest light box, designed for skin rejuvenation, collagen enhancement and wrinkle reduction. Our LED boxes are compact and portable with solid steel construction and have been hailed by thousands of individuals, medical professionals and institutions around the world as being the best in terms of effectiveness and reliability. The 99% approval rating for the Caribbean Sun is a testament to our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality and most reasonably priced light therapy lights on the market.

Caribbean Sun