Mason Boyd Muterspaugh

Teachers Assistant

Personal Statement

These adjectives really describe me because I am outgoing, respectful, trust-worthy, and responsible. I am outgoing because I love to talk to new people, and I can talk in front of people without getting nervous. I love sports and always have a good attitude, and great sportsmanship while playing football and wrestling. Having a good attitude at a job is a great way to get hired. I am very respectful and trust-worthy to all different kinds of people.

When I am at church, I handout bulletins. I am great at building things with wood and tools, and I can fix anything if its wood or metal. I put the money in my safe to have just in case I ever need it for school supplies or football equipment. I enjoy kids of all ages, and I help elderly people. I have volunteered in a retirement home by helping to clean and to serve the people around the building. I am also very responsible. I can always remember to do things because If you tell me to do something once I'll keep it in my head and remember to do it right away. My dream is to be a great teachers assistant.

" God makes dreams come true, dream big and you will achieve your goal in life."



Richmond, VA 8505 Eversham rd.


Obtain a teacher’s assistant job.


Byrd Middle school 6-8

Skipwith elementary 3-5

William and Perry K-2

September 3, 2003 – present day


- July 8, 2008 | August 26, 2008, Changing oil for a summer job.

Smead oil and lube | 2134 willow lane

- I have ushered at a church

- I have volunteered at a retirement home

- I've helped out with toddlers at my church

- I am dedicated to football, work long hours to achieve my goals

- I have wrestled for 4 years

- I am very good at using S’more and Padlet on the internet


- I am smart and I am an athlete. I am very trust-worthy when it comes to doing jobs. I can fix wooden things with just a few tools. I am a good leader on sport teams and very good at leading in academic’s.


Work experience journal

1/10/14- I began writing my personal statement using S`More. I began writing my personal statement today in EFE today in the library. We also went on to Padlet and worked on our statements on the questions we had to answer. The Padlet is easy same as the questions and everything. The Personal statement I am writing takes a lot of trying but its easy.

1/15/14- I finished my personal statement today with the help of teachers. I added stuff to personal statement and put my life quote on the personal statement too. We mainly focused on our personal statements and life quotes today.
1/31/14- I listened to a girl at capital one bank came today and told us tips how to get hired. She read us questions about things and we answered her. She interviewed each of us and she said I was good at eye contact and I did everything great.

2/19/14- On Wednesday we all learned how to use the teachers lounge and how to use the printers. We all learned how to be quiet and be respectful in the lounge. We learned as a class to keep the room clean once we were done. We all need to replace paper in the rolls and in the printer.

2/21/14- On this day Friday we worked today for the teachers we were assigned to. I work for Mrs. Burton, I did plenty of things for her this past Friday. I stapled things to a board and sorted things for her. I had to be very quiet in her class so the students would not get detracted.

2/26/12- I worked for Mrs. Burton today and I had to stack papers together with there own class. The papers were for all her blocks and I had to organize each stack of papers. I also made writing folders for the kids in the class.

2/28/14- I had a sub in the class for working today so I read a book on pearl harbor. I also helped kids worth there work for the assignment.

3/5/14- I helped sort papers into folders in the writing folders and grade some papers.

3/7/14- I graded papers. I also finished sorting papers Friday and did three blocks full of papers. I also helped her staple papers to the writing wall and I got a chance to read some of the papers and the 7th graders have a lot of skill in writing. I also made vocab words and stapled them to the front wall in the class room.

3/12/14- Today I sorted papers into folders and graded a ton of papers. I sorted at least 5 different blocks of papers with folders. I stapled papers to the "word wall" for Mrs. Burton also.

3/14/14- Today I worked with Ms. Bell in the counseling office. I put these little miniature flags in this stand for the girl in the office. Than I worked in this back room by sorting this from people that donated for people in need. Than I came back to Mrs.

Burton class and I cleaned out her closet for her than she let me read a book.

3/19/14- I sorted papers and helped her makes folders and make words for her word wall for her today.

3/21/14- Today I didn't really do anything for Mrs. Burton today because she didn't have any work and she told me to go find Ms. Bell but I could not find her so I got to read a book and listen to Mrs. Burton talk the whole time.

3/26/14- I made copies for Mrs. Burton and I learned for the first time how to make copies and it was kind of nice to do.

3/28/14- I cleaned out Mrs. Burton locker in her room full of supplies. Mrs. Burton gave me some bible verses things to take home and that was very nice of her to do that to me.

4/2/14- I had made copies of papers to make a sign for Mrs. Burton and I had to laminate them to make sure they were all nice in all for her to hang them up in class for her students to see.

4/4/14- I had to make another sign to laminate for her to hang up in her class and I had to make copies of papers and I got to eat a piece of cake for Mrs. Burton's birthday.

4/9/14- On wendsday I made copies and that I laminated papers for her to hang up for her class and I made faxes to other people of the staff to have.

4/11/14- I sorted papers for Mrs. Burton's class folders and made sure all the kids had all the papers that they needed to be and checked them off one by one so they would get a grade in the grade book.

4/23/14- Did not have anything for me to work on so I did all my homework.

4/25/14- Had surgery and missed this day.

5/5/14- I filled bags with some kids in this class for a new teacher and I made copies with Kauana. We had a issue with the printers and had to take the whole time printing by trying to fix and I fixed the printer.

5/7/14- I graded papers today with Mrs. Burton. I graded all classes for her. I graded about 5 sets of different papers for her and different classes for her to do. There was one set that took me 30 minutes to grade because it was so long.

5/9/14- I recycled papers today with the guys. We did the whole school for all the teachers. First they needed to lay out all the boxes for us to come around and dump in the trash can. We had to take the trash can full of papers outside to the dumpster so the recycling truck can come around and take it for us.

5/21/14- Today I put papers in order for Mrs. Burton and we Put up papers for her in her class room to make the room look really good. I helped her out by taking her recycling.

5/23/14- Today I did not work. I went out of town to Clifton Forge today to visit some family of mine. It is a small country town. I grew up here till I was eight and I miss it so much. I had a great weekend there and I miss it so much already.
5/28/14-I had a very long work day today. I felt like I actually worked for my many this time. I took down each and everything down that was hanging in her room, off. I first started by taking things down up very high and than I worked my way down to the smaller stuff and took it all down.

5/30/14- I did not work today because I was at the doctors.