The Access rights to programs


Special rights for important fields

There are the functions of the Print Preview is available. Each print job can So repeat also in regions without recreating become. Users management Each user of the software is applied here and receives a password which he can change himself entry in queue service later. He may already have ingress and egress date before Setting are applied and when the outlet is Login automatically locked. Also, here are the Assigned access high ts to establishment data. The Access rights queuing system to programs are comfortably above Regulated profiles that are assigned to the user. Profile management In the profiles, the access rights to the individual are Programs administered (respectively: read, create, change, delete).

In addition, special rights for important fields and payroll areas (ex AT, salaries, Wage) maintained. Each user can for each client multiple profiles are assigned. Data Backup The data can be found in the database Oracle. Under Linux/ Unix data backup is done automatically at night on a tape queuing system that after successful backup is ejected. On Windows will also automatically at night export the database created and copied into a Windows directory. From It is available Export file with any backup utility (for example, NT Backup) to back up. Oracle database The Oracle database is fully integrated into ProPers.

Therefore, is the Oracle Standard Edition One with the minimum number of5 users (named user) part of the Control Panel. The Standard Edition One is limited two processors, or two dual processors (Intel, AMD) in the server. Even with a single-user Windows XP/ 2000 can further user (other PCs) access. The simplest version is actually Server a single user preferable. Extensions Any possible. Software update A new queuing system version of the entry in queue service program is of COMPU-ORGA transferred to the database Oracle. Contact jobs (PCs) to the new version is automatically installed on the PC.

This also works for an extended vacation without problems. The initial installation a program is slightly modified after same procedure. This gives the Managers of Customer no significant additional burden. Changes be in What's new in queuing system ProPers appears. Zoom the window sizes The programs are optimally designed for 1024 x 768 Pixels, but also run in 640 x 480. screens resolution automatically lead to a smaller Representation. If in this case a better readability be achieved, depending user a zoom factor.

Print Archive queuing system (Option) Building on the print spoiler will print jobs archived at any time and at any time, even partially repeated on any printer become. In addition, depending on the program carried an automatic Indexing of each print job content. This allows, for example, in HR Master any merit settlements in the original print image are displayed.
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