Alpine: ELAR Support Day #2

Highly Effective Questioning: 11/18/15



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Here's what to expect today:

  • Check in: how are things? (re: lesson planning, the YAG, implementing the "whole cookie" strategy)
  • Recap: "Data, Five Times Why" Concept
  • Focus: Highly Effective Questioning
  • Explore related Tech Tool Integration strategies
  • Create classroom applications for questioning opportunities

Check In Regarding Anchor Charts...

Here's a link to our Anchor Chart piece from last are we doing?

Why Anchor Charts? Classroom environment often acts as a second teacher, enhancing the development of student independence. The way we set up our classroom gives our students a clear message about the culture of the classroom, the kind of work they will do and the expectations we have for them. Sibberson & Szymusiak, 2003

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Tool Review: ImageThink Notes

  • Visual Notetaking & Summarizing
  • Classroom Application Ideas?
  • Here are a few of our own!

Recall: Results Driven Instruction Face to Face Round 2

Recall our presentation from Round 2:

How does QUESTIONING look in YOUR classes?

  • levels of questioning
  • who is asking the questions?
  • data: formative assessments
  • listen, speak, read, write

Questioning in General

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Data Review: Asking Five Times Why

  • Review data (six week exams, final exams, formative assessments, etc.)
  • Analyze where we are: why, why, why, why, why
  • Create a data driven plan from here
What Do You See in These Data?


TEKS Resource System Updates

  • Resources: STAAR question stems
  • New! Resources: STAAR question analysis

PBS NewsHour Extra

Use for informational text, make connections to teach the "whole cookie"

For Planning:

  • Depth of Knowledge Chart (click here)
  • Bloom's Planning Guide Chart (click here)
  • Padagogy Wheel: technology integration (click here)

Looking for Tech Extensions?

Check out High Tech Verbs to find extensions, tools, and apps to correspond with your planned objectives:

Tech Tools and Questioning:

Answer Garden

Obtain anonymous answers (limited to 40 characters) that populate in a word cloud.

Poll Everywhere

Poll students (multiple choice, choose an image, free response, OR click an image) via texting from their phones or from their devices.

It's free, it's awesome, and it's interactive!


Online post it notes to collaborate, question, and share

  • Ideas: summaries, check in, share resources, "parking lot" of questions, class resources, department collaboration, exit ticket
  • Embed: links, files, camera

Gamify your classroom with Kahoot!

Engage your students with an interactive and competitive review!

  • Use Kahoot! to review and interact with your students.
  • Ideas: review concepts, vocabulary, test prep, classroom rules
  • Enrich: have students create their own Kahoots! to play as a class
  • Let's play! Go to
  • Ready to create your own?
  • Utilize the repository of already created kahoots online
  • Flip the learning: have students create kahoot questions to play/review as a class


Student Video Creation (why it works: easy to use & acclimate, quick process [one class period])

  • Students create videos to explain a concept (literary device), visually depict vocabulary words, visually explain an analogy, create book trailers, make connections back to previous works studied
  • See student sample here
  • Pro tip: make sure the computers you're working with have updated flash players; be sure your students use your educator code to give them the free pro version.
  • BE SURE TO get the free educator account, sign up, THEN when you're signed in, click to apply for the free educator account.
  • OR steal Kile's code here: a4ekileb6aaf7

Check out StoryCorps

You guys should use these to listen to stories AND record your own!

Also check out #TheGreatListen 2015 and involve your students!

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

Through the Lens of a Scorer: EOC English Edition

Thursday, December 10th 3:30pm to 5:30pm; register here

Come see Kelly Gallagher!

February 15th, Distinguished Lecture:

June 29 & 30th, Summer Literacy Academy:

Save the Date: 2/22/16

  • Final Round of Face to Face Results Driven Instruction: Tuesday, 1/26/16 afternoon
  • Next District Support Day: Monday, 2/22/16

Laura Kile

Don't hesitate to contact me with follow up questions, requests for resources, and to share the great things that are happening in your classes!