by Brady Lisec

winter break

what I got for Christmas

At 8:00 am the real fun began! My brother, Brian and I planed our "mission wake up". The main adjective of the mission is to wake our parents up. The mission acceded and we had a great Christmas! What I got from Santa was a rainbow loom! I also got a rainbow loom from my parents. So i have a home rainbow loom, and a travel loom! What I also got from my parents where a robe, a fishing rod, and much more!

New Years Eve

We went over to our neighbors house to celebrate 2013 coming to a end. All .of our other neighbors came over too! We ate, talked, and celebrated the new year. My favorite food there was some cookie dough fudge brownies! They where awesome!!! Then we went back home to sleep till noon

lunch for the Cheifs game

We went over to Dr. Kavenaugh's house to have lunch and watch the Chief's game. The Chiefs lost but talking to friends was fun! One of my dad's childhood friends that now lives in Minnesota. Also one of there dogs went crazy it was so funny! The video below is really crazy (sorry Ms. Cargyle)



In adventure club, went to the AMC movie theater! The whole distrect was coming, and everyone has a choice to pick. The choices where Frozen and Alvin and the Chipmunks, Chip wrecked. I went to frozen and there were 5 kids that did not have a seat. So five teachers had to give up there seat. We had an awesome time!!! Watch behind the seances of Olaf at