The Nile River

Ancient Egypt By. Ellison Stephens & Dennis Brooks

Trading and Transportation

The Nile is a their highway. They used sail boats to go south, also they used it to road the water going to the north. Egyptians traded with many people, one being the Middle Eastern. They trade with them silver, cedar, oils, lapis lazuli, horses, and copper.

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Ancient Egyptians had the farming year and the calendar divided into three seasons. They planted barley, wheat, and flax. The wheat was used for flour and bread, Flax was used to make linen clothes, and barley was used for beer and bread. Flooding helped, they would have light floods, this got them rich soil and black soil.

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The Daily Life

The Egyptians made there houses out of brick and mortar.they also used papyrus for many things like baskets,sandals, rope, and writing materials. If they still needed food they would fish for common protein. Upper classes would hunt birds and hippos.
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Physical Features

The Nile is the largest River. It is 4,135 miles long. The Nile flows from the South to North. Also two of the six cataracts are from Ancient Egypt. The south part is higher than the north.

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