City of Seven Hills (Portugal)

Joined in...

Portugal joined the Economic Union (EU) when it was the European Economic Union (EEU). That stands for the Europe Economic community in 1986! That is 29 years of being with the EU. My country wasn't a founder of the EU.

Where is it located and history

Portugal is located West of Spain, North of Morocco, South of Ireland, and East of the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal broke off of Spain in 1667.
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Government Type: Portuguese Republic

Our Portugal Flag

The Portugal flag is a vertical strip bicolor of green and red with a lesser coat of arms of Portuguese. It was meant to show speration from Spain.

Portugal Currency

Portugal's old currency was a Escudos before the Euro, which is mostly used by European Union (EU) countries!


  • Did you know one of the best soccer players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo plays for the Portugal Men's National Soccer Team and was born there.
  • Portugal is the Western most country on the European mainland,
  • The most popular sport in Portugal is football (soccer), the Portugal Men's National Soccer Team finished 3rd in the 1966 World Cup, 2nd in Euro 2004, and 4th in 2006 World Cup.


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