Angels for Animals

By: Maranda Miller, Peter Ryan, and Brittany Schnellbach

Changing the future of companion animals through adoption, sheltering, and education.
Angels for Animals has been around since 1990, and since then it has grown into 2.8 million dollar site where animals get the care and love that they deserve. Angels for Animals take in cats and dogs from people for various of reasons. They train the animals and make sure that they are healthy and happy. Also, when someone comes in to adopt a pet they do extensive background checks to make sure this animal is going to a loving home.
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The Animals

When we went to volunteer at the shelter all of the animals that they have here are so loving. I talked to the lady that trains the volunteers and she told me that what all of these animals want is love, and they weren't lucky enough to receive it. I could never see myself hurting one of my animals and I can't see why someone would hurt a defenseless creature. If I could I would take all of them home in a heartbeat. There are plenty of more animals at this shelter, and if you wanted to adopt on you could go online or visit the shelter yourself.