Should all kids have cell phones?

Every kid should because of the following reasons.

What if there's an emergency?

Children could be outside playing or doing whatever they wanted to do. Then an accident happens. If there's no one around and you don't have a cell phone, what would you do? According to 40% of children found themselves in an emergency situation that their cell phone helped them out.

Most children care about their social life.

Cell phones are a pretty popular trend. If you don't have one, some kids might think less of you or your child for not having these cell phones. Cell phones are a great way for kids to reach out to family members, or even friends.

Cell phones could help out with school.

Children stay after school for activities almost every day, so why not have a cell phone there to help you out? But, if a child doesn't have a cell phone, they might not be able to do things after school to call their parents and tell them when to pick them up or anything. Related and non-related with school, children need cell phones.


Even with all those reasons why all children should have a cell phone. There's still many problems. One of them being, online predators. These online predators are everywhere on the internet. If your child gets into something that he or she shouldn't be, they could be very vulnerable.
All children or teens should definitely have a cell phone because of emergencies that could happen at any time, kids social life in or out of school, and school help or activities after school. What now? Go buy your child a cell phone.