Blended Learning

IMPACT, I-SS and What It All Means

The Burning Questions

  1. What device are we getting?
  2. When will we get them?
  3. What is a Blended Learning Coach?
  4. What more are you going to make me do?

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT is a blended learning initiative designed to individualize instruction for student success. Funded by the federal Race to the Top grant, this initiative is focused on classrooms implementing strong instructional practices while incorporating focused digital content.

IMPACT: Innovative Methods for Personalizing Academics, Completed by Technology


IMPACT Goals (Parent/Student Friendly)

What is Blended Learning?

I-SS Blended Learning is an innovative approach to teaching that incorporates designing and customizing digital technology with personalized learning to accelerate achievement for all students.

  • What is the benefit? Teachers provide more personalized student instruction
  • What does it look like? Small group learning centers
  • How does it work? BL is a strategy using digital content and resources to increase student engagement and mastery
  • How will we know it's working? Data used to drive instructional practice and close specific learning gaps

(Video Time 0:46 -5:17)

A blended learning Catholic school

BMS Blended Learning Model Design

  • All subjects and grade levels will begin implementing blended learning.
  • Blended learning will help meet the school's goal of increasing Reading and Math proficiency by 3%.
  • BMS Blended Learning Classroom Design

The "Blend"

Connections to RtI and the I-SS Model

I-SS Model

"MAD BLENDS" Activity

Blended Learning Expectations

  • Use differentiation and personalized instructional practices daily regardless of technology and/or digital resources
  • Practice responsible and ethical standards following consistent I-SS practices

I-SS Goals/Milestones

By December 2014 ALL schools should fully implement the blended learning model in ELA/Math with technology.

  • 2013-2014 -- Focus in ELA, literacy and school-identified areas
  • 2014-2015 -- Focus in Math and other gap areas indicated by data
  • 2015-2016 -- Blended Learning in all areas regardless of gaps

1st PD date is Tuesday, Sept. 3rd after school