January 30th-February 3rd, 2023

Weekly News in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Champs

Happy January!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our Newsletter. There is a lot of important information. We have included a copy of our Kindergarten daily schedule and the January special schedule. Please see the four things below (100th day, Specials schedule, kids heart challenge and reminder about snacks)

If you have any questions, concerns, please reach out to your teacher.


Your Prestwick Kindergarten Team

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100th Day of School

100th Day- On Friday February 3rd students will be celebrating their 100th day of Kindergarten. Students will participate in numerous hundreds day themed activities, please keep an eye out on Facebook for the pictures from this event. This will be a closed event to parents due to it being a normal academic day, with just an added twist of fun.
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Kids Heart Challenge!

Save the Date for Kids Hearth Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge is coming to Prestwick, January 30th- February 20th.

Last year we raised over $12,000 and have set a goal of $14,000 for this year!

We have a lot of exciting events planned this year to get us moving, all while helping others and having fun! Get a head start by signing up today and helping your student choose a daily health challenge. Visit our school page at http://www2.heart.org/goto/PrestwickSTEMAcademy or download the Kids Heart Challenge app.

Also, join the Prestwick Specials Group for daily updates, photos and videos from all of our Specials classes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/632341520498746/

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Soldiers Angels

The Kindergarten has been learning about different Patriotic holidays. To show our Veterans how loved they are, we are donating socks for them. If you would like to donate socks please click on the link below. We would love to give the students dojo points and a reward for caring and donating. Please take a picture of your donated sock order and email it to your teacher. Thank you for supporting our soldiers who keep us safe!


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Lobos Cheer

Let's go Lobos! If you are interested in signing up for Lobos Cheer, see the form that is linked below. Spirit Squad Form

Healthy Snacks!


Did you know that a snack at the right time between meals can prevent major hunger pangs and gives a child an energy boost to keep him or her studying and playing hard at school?

What is your child learning this week?

Phonics: In Phonics this week students will continue identifying the initial/final sound of a word. Students will also be isolating the beginning sound of a word and generating a list of other words that sound the same with the same initial sound. The sight words students will be learning this week will be get, hot, where and or. Please continue working with students in identifying their sight words. Students should be able to identify lists 1-3 by spring break, these lists are found in their daly folder. We do assess them out of order, so please make flashcards or tests out of order so students are not just memorizing the words.

Grammar : This week the students will focus on knowing the Pronouns: they, them, theirs.

A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun. It can refer to people, things, places, and concepts.

For example: They are playing at recess. The children are playing at recess

Reading: The students will review folktales and fairytales. They will be comparing and contrasting two versions of the Story of the Three Little Pigs along with completing story element graphic organizers. At the end of our unit the students will have fun with a STEM activity for the three little pigs and will work in groups to build a strong pig house. They will also be introduced to nursery rhymes and what elements make up it. They will use their retelling skills for the traditional nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

Writing- In writing, students will put on their creative writing caps to write from various perspectives of different characters in the three little pigs. Students will have to think about how the story would change.

Math-This week in Math we will be wrapping up our learning about graphs. We will then head into a new unit on 2 Dimensional shapes. During this unit we will be looking at 2D shapes and learning about their sides, vertices (corners), attributes, and making connections to real life objects.We will be taking an in depth look of each shape to help them understand them. By the end of this unit students should be able to say the shapes name, describe the shapes by attributes and give examples of them.

Social studiesStudents will reflect on all the patriotic holidays they learned about and create a tri-fold that illustrates the purpose of all three holidays. Social studies day two will allow students to explore the idea of culture. Students will get to take home a "my culture" sheet to fill out with family.

Science: In Science we will be beginning our new unit where we will be exploring weather. This unit is a quick and fast unit! By the end of the unit students will be expected to understand and address weather changes and objects in the sky related to weather, learn to collect information using tools, including weather instruments such as demonstration thermometers and wind socks, use their senses to continue observing and describing weather changes from day to day and communicate and discuss their observations and record data in their notebooks. This week we will introduce the unit by learning about the famous scientist, John Dalton. We will also introduce the weather vocabulary, complete a hands-on experiment with rain and make it rain onto a fake cloud and learn all about snow and create our very own snowflake. The overall goal for this week is for students to learn about two forms of precipitation (snow and rain).


  • .Reminder about transportation changes time call the office @ 972.947.9450 by 2:00pm

  • As the weather gets cooler, please make sure your child has the appropriate warmer clothes in their backpack.

  • Having Lunch with Your Child-We have been asked to remind y'all that if you come have lunch with your child, the high tops at the back of the cafeteria or the picnic tables outside are the designated spots for y'all to eat together! You can only eat lunch with your child, they can't invite anyone else to eat with you. Enjoy your time together!

  • Please bring library books back on designated days: Alter- Thursdays, Bounkhong- Tuesdays, Fillebrown- Mondays, Rushing- Wednesdays
  • Girls- Please wear shorts under your dress/skirts.
  • Please wear tennis shoes on your PE days.
  • Please SIGN and have your child return their daily folder every day. Also, it's important to bring water bottles and snack everyday. NO JUICE PLEASE!!
  • Don't forget to bring guided reading book bags everyday once your child receives them.
  • Please read 15 minutes every night with them.
  • Please check and clear their take home folder every night.
  • Please make sure that your kiddos are wearing their athletic shoes (or bringing them to change into) when their class is scheduled to go to PE. We want to keep everyone safe when they are participating in physical activities.

Important Dates:

Important Dates:

1/30-Jump Rope for Heart Begins

2/3- 100th Day of School

A Look Ahead (Busy Month)

2/6-Candy Gram Sales Begin

2/6-National School Counselor Week

2/14-Valentine's Parties

2/15-National SRO Day

2/16-Kids Heart Challenge

2/17-PL Day-No Students
2/20-PL Day-No Students

2/20-2/24-Book Fair

2/24-STEM Night @5:30