Brain Development

By: Abi Lepinski & Lexi Cornelius

Gardner Multiple intelligences:

Verbal Linguistic: This is a link of language, where a person learns best through world

Logical Mathematical: Shown by skill in arithmetic and many areas of science, this includes people to find patterns to connect facts and observation

Visual Spatial: Show the ability in drawing and construction. Learning is easy threw coloring and pictures.

Musical: This has to do with rhythms and sounds, hearing rhythms and melodies helps promote learning

Bodily Kinesthetic: Skill in moving the body through space this would be like athletics and dancers who are skilled in crafts are high in this intelligences

Interpersonal: Has to do with social skills a person with these abilities is good at communicating with and empathizing with others.

Intrapersonal: Revealed by a person who is more private and less social. This is a person keeps a diary or has a strong will and very independent prefers to play alone

Naturalistic: This is understanding of the natural world; Plants, animals and the process of nature. This person is likely to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy book about animals and nature.

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Verbal linguistic: Read to them and give them puzzles to figure out ( allow them to work on memorizing)

Logical mathematical: Play a game of checkers with them or allow them to look at maps and diagrams

Visual Spatial: Let them play with clay forming pictures and structures of things that they enjoy

Musical: Xylophone, Rattles, Piano allow them to play with to get a taste of the musical experience

Bodily Kinesthetic: Take them to the park and allow the to play on the playground

Interpersonal: Join them in sports team where they can be in involved with other children such as joining the soccer team or baseball team.

Intrapersonal: Have them sit at the table and journal what their day was like allowing them to be alone

Naturalistic: Allow them to help you in the garden and explore nature

How to know if your child is ready for school...

-The test that the child may have to take

-Make sure that they can complete simple tasks

-Make sure that they complete a pre-school class

-Have them interact with other children

-Some may require you to have a physical exam before going into school

Healthy Snacks/Meals


-Fruit ( Pineapple, watermelon, apples, grapes etc.)


-Ham and cheese sandwiches

-Apples and peanut butter

- Blueberries covered in yogurt

-oatmeal bars





-Orange Juice


-Ham & Cheese sandwich





-Chicken Fajitas

-Carrots or corn

-Guacamole and chips


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