Jay Gatsby

Main Character



Lonely- Ambitious- Wealthy- Determined

son of henry Gatsby

lover of daisy, money and parties

who feels love for daisy, lonely, wealthy

who needs daisy to love him, people to come to his parties, money to impress daisy

who gives parties, wealth, trust to nick

who fears no love from daisy, losing wealth, no one being his friend

who would like to see love from daisy

resident of, west egg, new york,


Big image


this is a party at a mansion and it has a connection to the book because mr Gatsby throws a lot of parties. it also shows a pool with people in it because Gatsby had a pool and he had a pool party. people were actually drinking and listening to music and dancing like shown in the picture above.
Big image

big mansion

this is a representation of Gatsby's house because it is huge and it has a pool out front of the house and Gatsby has that castle look to it. the house has a big place to throw parties and a place to to walk on the beach and it is on long island just like Gatsby's house.


"Can't repeat the past?" he cried incredulously. "Why of course you can" (116).

this is Gatsby thinking that now that he has started to win back daisy that she will just give up tom and he kid and forget that the whole past with them never happened and they can live like the past and the whole marriage and baby thing just never existed. he wants her to tell tom that she never loved him but he really wants to bring daisy back into his life forever and

This quote is important to Gatsby because he really really want daisy to just forget everything that had happened between her and tom but she dont want to and this quote really helps to show how willing Gatsby is to forget everything that had happened in the past in her life and in his just to be with daaisy