Birdie Garcia

Is a registered Audiophile

A registered Audiophile

I've always been a fan of good music. Over time I was able to learn what I liked and what what popular were two totally seperate things. I also learned how to work with my skill set. I have developed an understanding of popular music, what it is, how is done, why iots so popular and who makes it so.

This is why I prefer to work and support underground music.

Congratulations! You have recieved my very first newsletter, EVER! Before this it was only a blog but now I have this to push in a different route. Over time the layout and other things might change as I get use to this but the one constant will be it will always suppoort the underground Heavy Music scene.

This time I'm really pushing my friends of False Hope Fades, they got a Kickstarter going to asset in their first tour. All proceeds go to securing a van to get them going so please take a m,omen, click on the links provided and help support a promising new band.

On Air with the Metal Experience

Tuesday, Sep. 9th 2014 at 8pm

Chicago, IL, United States

Chicago, IL

Mark your calendars I will be on air with Morgan and Luco, talking all things Metal. Plus some Music Industry and Entertainment Businesses news, stories and other interesting things. Not to mention two live interviews with a couple of awesome bands "AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!"

PLEASE help me get the word out about the underground and Heavy Music

Please submit or intorduce the bands, venues, events to me and I will make what I can out of the information.

Please more: album to review!

PLEASE more: events to promote!

Please more community support and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be a real human being to talk to. I do what I do for fun and passion not money and recongnition.

Thank you!