Measuring and Polygons !

2-D Geometry and Measurement.

Polygons : Names, Properties, and Angles

What will we learn?

This unit is all about Geometry. We are going to talk about how to classify a triangle (using its sides, and its angles) and how to measure a quadrilateral (a 4 sided polygon). We will talk about how you find the perimeter (measurement of the outside) of a shape and how to find the area (inside) of a shape. We will also look at the relationships between shapes what they tell us. What the videos below and see if you can remember anything from last year.

Geometry Rocks !

Math Rocks... "Geometry is Killa-Hot" - The Ron Clark Academy

Triangle Style!

You only have to know how to classify a triangle by sides and angles.

Triangle Style by Mr. Rogers

Quads Naming Song ??? Yeah !

Namin' Quads - Ms. Christman's Quadrilateral Rap

Finding the perimeter and area of related rectangles.

Perimeter and Area song

Mrs. Tollefson's Class Perimeter and Area Song