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The plastic is recycled and heated for an hour to become a molecular state

December 15th, according to foreign media reports, researchers from the Colorado State University developed a new type of plastic, the plastic can be heated in an hour after the conversion to the original state of the molecule. That is, this new type of material can be fully recycled, not containing oil and can be decomposed by the organism, which can change the way we use and recycle plastic.

According to Intco Greenmax Recycling chemical experts Chen Eugene said: "the previous study showed that this GBL monomer is not suitable for plastic, we suspect that some of the previous reports may not be correct."

Chen Eugene said: "the researchers are trying to develop renewable, biodegradable polymers or plastics. But this is only one solution, because from the point of view of the recovery of raw materials, biodegradable polymers are not necessarily recyclable styrofoam."

And this is the reason why this new type of bio plastics is so concerned. We just need to put this plastic in 220 to 300 degrees Celsius heat environment for an hour, it can be converted to GBL molecules. Once returned to the GBL form, the polymerization process can be re started in an environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius, the monomer molecules will form a polymer chain or 3D grid.

Chen Eugene and his team tested the new polymer, which used a catalyst to change the shape of the molecule. Researchers say they hope the new GBL polymer can replace the traditional plastic, and are looking for ways to reduce the cost of the production of this new type of plastic.

We look forward to the early commercialization of the study, as soon as possible to replace the current plastic, to reduce pollution.