C.E. King High School

From the Principal's Office!

Excellence has no shortcut!

I found this quote and thought how relevant this is for the educational setting. In our "microwave" society, students and even some adults believe that excellence is a one stop shop, that it is instantaneous. In order to achieve excellence there will be some high moments of success and unfortunately some low experiences giving wisdom. I contacted one of my mentors this weekend and shared some recent challenges in hopes to receive some guidance from him as an experienced principal (8 years). He shared with me to stay the course and I will continue to see small improvements in the areas of concern for me. So I now share this advice with you. Are we a part of the "microwave" mentality as it relates to our students? Should we stop and celebrate the small victories that eventually will be come a large scale movement for the better? The constant goal is simply to improve . Our work on a daily basis has many blessings to celebrate and lessons to learn. As we strive for excellence, know that I believe we can do it! Keep up the good work! I will continue to visit your classrooms to see the great things students are learning.
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Sheldon Shuffle 2016!

Are you ready??? Please be sure to register for this annual event. It is always a great time for a great cause! All proceeds go to the Sheldon Education Foundation which provide grants for teachers and scholarships for students. The race is scheduled for 4/16/2016 at Duessen Park. Hope to see you there!!! Yes, I plan to "run"...LOL If you cannot make it and want to sponsor a student, go to the website and register.



1. Thank you for all your flexibility last week. We had testing, athletic tournaments and our everyday school going on. Although last week was a challenge, It took everyone working together for our campus.

2. Contract recommendations have been submitted. You will receive additional information about the official contract after April's school board meeting.

3. Our next campus meeting will be April 22, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. (early release day). Everyone is required to be present. We will cover campus information (proposed bell schedule), graduation , May testing administration and have our internal instructional rounds team present. This meeting will take an hour.

4. We will host the UIL academic district tournament this week on campus 5/5 and 5/6. Room relocations have been sent for your review and knowledge. Please inform your students tomorrow where your room will be. During the time of the tournament, there will be no mingling of students with our guests from other campuses. Please do your part in making sure students are not entering the annex building on the 5th and 6th unless they are going to the Achieve academy office. Once again, thank you for your flexibility if you are being relocated from your room.

5. We will have a different bell schedule this week in order to host the UIL tournament. "A" day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be a straight 8 with no SMART lunch (testing bell schedule), Thursday will be a "B" day and Friday will be our normal 8 period schedule with SMART lunch.

6. Mr. Williams, Mr. Hernandez and I will be out of the building Tuesday-Thursday for T-Tess training. This is the new appraisal instrument taking the place of PDAS. Mr. Williams and Mr. Hernandez will have administrative coverage on those days. We will all be available via email if you must communicate with us during the day.

7. Continue to be visible in the hallways monitoring students. I am also noticing a lot of male students with facial hair and sagging pants. Administrators will be tackling this issue throughout the week but we need your help! Students should not make it to the afternoon before they are told they are in violation. Do a check first thing in the morning for your classroom. Remember our big 3!

8. Know a few good people qualified for a teaching position? I have found that some of my best hires were referrals from the current staff. Due to promotions and retirement, we have a few vacancies for next year. Please send me an email if you have a friend/family member interested in teaching.

9. We will have a track tournament on campus Thursday.

"Our best work is not guess work, we must know the goal and strive to accomplish it."