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Big picture

OVCA Goal is for every student to achieve one year's growth.

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Learning Coaches of Elementary Students

LC Daily Responsibilities

  1. Check email
  2. Complete lessons assigned using the Bison On Track Calendar
  3. Attend all live classes listed on the daily plan.


Learning & Assessment Sites

Big Universe

Who: available to all students

What: leveled eBook library

When: available 24/7

Where: access through the student account

Why: Authentic texts. Every subject. Any device. Any time.

How to Login:

Log into student account: https://login-learn.k12.com/#login




Who: all elementary students

What: learning platform

When: 30 minutes per day, or as assigned by your teacher.

Where: https://login.edmentum.com

Why: to assist with closing academic learning gaps and growing our students to their full potential in math and reading.

Students beginning of year NWEA MAP Skills assessment results were loaded into Exact Path to create an individualized learning path in language arts (Kindergarten & 1st grade), math (2nd - 5th grade), and reading (2nd - 5th grade).

How to Login:

Account: okv1

Username: Not standard - please confirm with your teacher

Password: Student ID Number

Not sure what your Student ID number (SID) is? CLICK HERE

POC: Homeroom Teacher

FLEX Program

Who: Self-motivated students who have been referred to the program

What: learning program

When: Student logs in 5 days per week, but chooses when to attend class connect sessions

Where: Student Online Account https://login-learn.k12.com/#login


  • Student works independently
  • Provides “Flex”ibility in the Family’s Weekly Schedule
  • After School Hours Support by Flex Teacher, Lisa Cottrell
  • Encourages Achievement

How to Login:

Log into student account

Click on link in CC schedule


Erin Giles egiles@okvirtual.org


Who: assigned by teacher to some classes; optionally available to all middle school students

What: supplemental reading program

When: 30 minutes per day

Where: listed daily on the Daily Plan in the OLS

Why: To build reading skills.

When the program is used for 30 minutes per day, five days a week minimum, improvement in basic reading skills is seen in the first month. The average student using the program at home improves one grade level every 10 weeks (20 hours).

How to Login:

  1. Open the MindPlay course on the OLS platform
  2. Click or tap the link, Open MindPlay (see screenshot)
  3. The MindPlay program will open in a new tab
  4. Students will see their MindPlay activity and can start working in the program as per usual

IMPORTANT: If you had a bookmark or had the browser save the username and password, you can and should throw them out – accessing the MindPlay program will only work through the course link. Please encourage your students to access the program through the course to avoid delays or issues.

VIDEO: MindPlay Introduction

VIDEO: How to mark a lesson complete in MindPlay

POC: Homeroom Teacher


Who: all elementary students

What: platform used for class connect sessions

When: daily cc sessions within schedule

Where: https://login-learn.k12.com/#login

Why: to attend live sessions for academics or social engagement

How to Login:

Log into student account

Click on link in CC schedule

NewRow Guide for Families


Need to do a quick tech check in NewRow before class?


POC: Homeroom Teacher or CFA


Who: all elementary students

What: assessment platform

When: 2 times per year: October, March

Where: https://test.mapnwea.org

Why: assessment tool to measure student growth over time

OVCA Goal is for every student to achieve one year's growth.

How to Login:

Username: grow

Password: grow

Additional NWEA MAP Information:

  • You must enable pop-up blockers on the NWEA Login Page before taking the assessment.
  • Screen resolution must be set to 1024x768 or the assessment will not run. You can return it to your preferred or default setting after you are finished with the tests.
  • Students are not permitted to have assistance on the assessment as we need to have a baseline of what students know/don't know in Math and Reading. This will help us place them in the classes that will help them GROW the MOST as readers and math problem solvers!
  • It is recommended that students take no longer than 75 minutes on the test. We need to know what students already know quickly, not what they can figure out after a long period of time. Please prepare your student for this, and remind them that after 3 minutes, they should make their educated guess, and move to the next question.

VIDEO: Lyla Explains MAP Growth Test

Practice Test

NWEA troubleshooting guide for parents

POC: CFA or Lead Teacher

Kdg - 2nd Lead: Jessica Bryant jbryant@okvirtual.org

3rd - 5th Lead: Katy McLain kmclain@okvirtual.org

SeeSaw Learning

Who: all elementary students

What: Learning platform. Each grade level is using this for writing journals and TGAs but many are using it for so much more

When: daily

Where: https://app.seesaw.me/#/student/login

Why: to create a digital portfolio of student's work for this school year - and beyond

How to Login:

Username: student email

Password: first initial last initial SID

Example: Peter Parker with student ID 1234567

Password: pp1234567

Not sure what your Student ID number (SID) is? CLICK HERE

VIDEO: Seesaw Tutorial

POC: Homeroom Teacher


Who: all students can receive up to 8 hours of tutoring per month

What: free tutoring for more than 300 subjects

When: Students can use as needed, and have access 24/7

Where: ClassLink

Why: optional personalized instructional support.

How to Login:


Instructions: https://www.smore.com/57tbc-tutorme-instructions-grades-k-5

POC: Principal

USA TestPrep

Who: 5th grade science students

What: learning platform for science

When: as assigned by homeroom teacher

Where: https://www.usatestprep.com/login.php

Why: Assignments are designed to show know which state standards need more attention versus which are mastered.

OVCA Goal is for every student to achieve one year's growth.

How to Login:

Account ID: ovca78

Username: SID

Password: first name, last 3 digits of student ID number

Example: Peter Parker with student ID 1234567

User ID: 1234567

Password: Peter567

Not sure what your Student ID number (SID) is? CLICK HERE

In order to ensure that you do not encounter any issues on USATestprep, we recommend that you clear your browsing data (cache and cookies) weekly. For instructions CLICK HERE.

POC: CFA or Teacher


K12 Customer Care: 866.512.2273


What Counts for Attendance?

Students need to consistently do these 2 things:

1. Attend Class Connect sessions, AND

2. Complete course work and assignments.

i.e. OLS/ OMHS course work

i.e. assigned class programs such as ExactPath, MindPlay, etc.

You can also receive attendance credit for:

- completing school assessments

- instructional meetings with teachers

- attending orientations

- attending school outings, whether in person or virtual

Want to better understand attendance expectations?

Explore this resource:

Attendance Matters

Oklahoma Attendance Laws Explained


Still waiting on supplies?

Looking for supplemental materials?

Explore this resource:

Resources for Schooling From Home

Supplemental resources, to be used as needed.


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