Liberty Weekly

keeping us all on the same page 12/4/214

Global Awareness ( one Flat Stanley at a time)

Students in Ms. Davis' class share their journeys with Fat Stanley . Who went to Canada during the break?


  • Teachers all across 3-5 students in the use of RUNNERS. I saw one class today where students were acting as "detectives" in search for the missing clue. Great job third grade!
  • ExC-ELL strategies are now embedded not just in lessons but in formative assessments. Students are accustomed to repeating the words several times.
  • Bell to Bell teaching. What an exciting moment for a principal to leave a room at 2.40 and see a teacher reviewing math facts in the halls 3 minutes before the bell rang. Wao! Liberty you have talent!!!!

Shout outs!

Walkthrough's next week.

On Monday the 8th, we will have our wonderful Randolph Lead Teachers Ana and Angela visit our school. What an opportunity to showcase the great things happening at Liberty. Not just through ExCELL but through simply great teaching.


Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 3:15pm

SD room

CARE Graduation

Wednesday, Dec. 10th, 9pm


PTO Christmas Program. . . Thursday.