Top 10 LMS Requirements!

The votes are in and the results have been tallied. Below are the top 10 LMS requirements that you would like to have considered when we are vetting products. In the list below, #1 was the most important requirement and #10 was the 10th most popular out of the 14 choices.

  1. Google Drive - Sync
  2. User friendly for all students at all grade levels
  3. Easy upload of content
  4. Tie TEKS to questions/assignments
  5. Automatic Upload and Removal of Students
  6. Allow for lesson design
  7. Accepts multiple types of content
  8. Robust Assessment Piece
  9. Offline Capability
  10. Reporting Capabilities (teacher and parent)

If you are on the committee that will be researching products, please be on the lookout for an additional email from me.


Rebecca Turner