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August 5, 2022

ACSC 2022 - 2023 School Calendar

ACSC 2022 - 2023 School Calendar

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Important Upcoming Dates

August 12, 2022 - Picture Day

August 19, 2022 - Book Rental Statement sent home via ParentSquare

September 5, 2022 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL!

AMS South's Attendance Policy & Early Dismissal Proceedures


If a student is absent from school, the PARENT must call the school by 10:00 A.M. to report the absence. If no call is received, the automated school system will make an effort to contact the parent, but if NO PARENT CALL has been received by 3:00 P.M. the day following the absence, the student will be charged with an unexcused absence. You may also send an email to us to notify us of your child's absence at msattendance@avon-schools.org.


** Please be advised that we cannot take early dismissal information over the telephone. **

If your child needs to leave school early during the school day please send a note in with your child to bring to the office first thing in the morning or email us at

msattendance@avon-schools.org with all the necessary information: students name, date and time picking up, and the name of the person picking your child up if someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up. This email will go directly to the front office secretaries and they will be able to get your child an early dismissal pass so that they can be in the front office when you are ready to pick them up. If you are unable to email us we will need you to come into the office with your valid ID, once we verify it is a parent/guardian picking up we will be able to call the student down for dismissal.

If someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child we MUST have this information in writing from a parent/guardian. Please include his or her name on the note or email. Once we verify their photo ID then the student can sign out and leave.

If leaving early for a doctor/dentist/orthodontist appointment, please provide verification note from the appointment to the main office to ensure that the absence is excused.

Using this email will ensure your child will get a pass out of class to be in the office. Please do not use Parent Square to send a message to your child's teachers as we cannot guarantee that this message will get to the front office to get your child a pass. Our teachers are very busy throughout the day and may not be able to check Parent Square often, or if the teacher is out that day we would not get that message in the front office in time to get your child an early dismissal pass.

We want to make sure that your information is getting to the right person in a timely manner, and hopefully prevent any miscommunication or missed messages.

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Upcoming Athletic Events


7th grade Football - 8/11 AWAY vs. Paul Hadley 5:30PM

8th grade Football - 8/11 HOME vs. Paul Hadley 5:00PM

AMS South Athletics Webpage

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AMS South Athletics Calendar

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Celebrating Birthday's This Week!

Happy Birthday

to our students celebrating a birthday this week:

Clara Pell

Zachary Sigler

Ella Tevebaugh

Jaymis Thorpe

Gavin Watkins

Yusuf Mahariq

Molly Byrd

Samuel Gerber

Simon Gerber

Emmanuel Ajewole

Kellen Rich

Harman Sanghera

Yanet Selegen Ayele

Mia Cuiriz

Benjamin Guptill

Bailey Babinec

Mikkenna Hill

Antwon Wilson

Avah Daubenspeck

Niseny Parfait

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August 12th - Picture Day

Please click the link below for more information regarding picture day on

August 12, 2022

Our picture day ID code for AMS South is:


Life Touch Webpage

Click here to visit Life Touch's webpage.

NJHS Study Tables

Starting September 07, 2022, National Junior Honor Society will offer after school study help sessions on Wednesday’s after school from 4:10 - 5:00PM. Students will then go to the front commons area and wait for the late bus or parent pick-up. During this time, there will be a supervisor with the students while they wait for the late bus to arrive. Students that will be a car rider home on these days can be picked up at door 1 at 5:00PM.

If your student will be staying for the study session and they need bus transportation home they must sign up for the late bus in the Guidance Office at lunch that day. For those students taking the late bus home, the bus will leave AMS South at 5:10pm.


Each week your child's team will give an update about the current week or week ahead. Please find your child's team below for that information. In addition, you will find news from our Encore teachers, Media Center, and PE/Wellness teachers.

Cardinals News

Mrs. Dugan, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Schubert & Mr. Uhl

In Language Arts, students will continue analyzing narrative details as we begin reading Red Scarf Girl, a memoir about a young girl growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution. In Science, we will enter the world of Engineering and explore the Engineering Design Process. We will put that process in practice with our very first lab: the penny boat challenge! In Math, we will finish up probability and start talking about fractions as percent and fraction addition. In Pre-Algebra, we will look deeper into probability and look into compound events, probability trees, and probability tables. In Social Studies, we will wrap up the 5 themes of geography and begin discussing various maps and skills.

Grizzlies News

Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Boroff, Mrs. Schroer & Ms. Weinstein

Next week in Language Arts, we will complete our first writing prompt response and begin our narrative novel, Red Scarf Girl. To prepare us for this reading, we will work through an Anticipation Guide and Gallery Walk before diving into the first chapters. In Math, students will be continuing work with probability and start investigating the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percent. Pre-Algebra students will continue working with single/compound probabilities and compound independent events. This week in Science, we have worked a lot in small groups. At the beginning of the week, we worked together to determine what our Core Values are as Team Grizzlies, as well as what we need our learning environment to be like to be successful. The remainder of the week, we worked on our collaboration and communication skills during our STEM challenges. Congratulations to Cadence, Dalonte, Kinley, and Baljot for building the tallest tower at 111cm! Next week, we will be learning about the Engineering and Design process and how to provide evidence. We will continue working on having the confidence to share out our ideas and findings during class and group discussions. Collaboration and communication are key to being successful in a scientific environment! Social Studies students will be finishing up learning about the Five Themes of Geography and beginning to learn about all things maps!

Jaguars News

Mrs. Cassida, Ms. Hatton, Mrs. Ringham & Ms. Schaber

Ms. Costello, Ms. Gawrys, Mr. Thoennes & Mr. Walker

Language Arts

Mrs. Ringham - Language Arts students will begin building background knowledge about the Cultural Revolution in preparation for reading the memoir “Red Scarf Girl”.

Mr. Thoennes - In Language Arts, we will be working on adding more details to our writing. We will also begin reading Red Scarf Girl.

Math & Pre-Algebra

Mrs. Cassida - In Math, we will continue with probability, and work with rewriting fractions in equivalent forms. In Pre-Algebra, the focus will be on probability throughout the week.

Ms. Costello - In Math, we will continue learning about probability and begin talking about fractions.


Ms. Schaber - This week in Science, we will be starting our unit on the engineering design process/scientific method. We will be taking notes and starting our first big lab of the year.

Ms. Gawrys - In Science, we will start exploring the design process with a Penny Boat Challenge.

Social Studies

Ms. Hatton - Social Studies students will be finishing up learning about the Five Themes of Geography and beginning to learn about all things maps!

Mr. Walker - In Social Studies, we will be learning about the five themes of geography.

Foresters News

Mrs. DeBow, Mr. Gullion, Ms. Tobin & Mrs. Zimmerman

Ms. Costello, Ms. Gawrys, Mr. Thoennes & Mr. Walker

Language Arts

Mrs. Zimmerman - This week students will continue to focus on the moment as they begin some personal writing. They will work on adding details as they demonstrate their ability to "focus".

Mr. Thoennes - In Language Arts, we will be working on adding vivid details to our writing to focus on one moment. We will also begin reading excerpts from Going Solo by Roald Dahl.

Pre-Algebra & Algebra

Mrs. DeBow - This week in Pre-Algebra, students will learn to calculate outcomes and probabilities for multiple events. Algebra students will collect data to analyze the many patterns of growth that will be developed over the year.

Ms. Costello - In Pre-Algebra, we will be continuing our unit on Probability.


Ms. Tobin - In Science, students will be introducing the different components of the scientific method and practicing them in our helicopter lab.

Ms. Gawrys - In Science, we will begin a refresher on the scientific method with a Helicopter Lab.

Social Studies

Mr. Gullion - We will be looking at how Europe’s desire to trade with the East, led to exploration and mapping of the New World.

Mr. Walker - In Social Studies, we will learn about our first people and explorers. We will also be doing a simulation on mercantilism.

Greyhounds News

Mrs. Warthan, Ms. Kegley, Mr. Casey & Mr. Osen

In Science, we will be investigating the Scientific method. Biology classes will be introduced to the topic of ecology. In Algebra, we will be studying growth patterns and get an introduction to functions. Our Pre-Algebra classes will be counting outcomes and probability of compound events. Social Studies students will continue learning about how the Europeans interacted with the Native Americans in the New World. In Language Arts, students will be working on focus and details and how those apply to writing.

Greyhound Team Information:

Great start to the school year. Keep it up!

Panthers News

Mrs. Hood, Mr. Rodgers, Mrs. Taylor & Mr. Williams

This week in Pre-Algebra, we will continue our probability unit. We will explore the Fundamental Counting Principle, permutations, and compound events. Our test for this unit is currently scheduled for 8/17. Algebra classes are wrapping up our unit on equations with our test scheduled for 8/11. We will finish the unit with writing and solving applications problems. Our next unit covers functions and relations, and we will begin that unit Thursday with introductions and descriptions of functions including finding the domain, range and increasing/decreasing values. In Social studies, students will be looking at how Europe’s desire to trade with the East, led to exploration and mapping of the New World. In Science, we will cover scientific method and graphing. We will then practice both this our helicopter lab. Biology students will cover the safe use of chemicals using our disease lab. Then begin our ecology unit lessons. Items needed for an upcoming lab: 36, empty Clear 2-liter bottles. If you can donate any, please send them with your child or you can drop them off at the office with the note Attn: HOOD

Encore News & World Languages

Señora Barker (Spanish), Mrs. Hauptmann (Japanese), Mr. Parr (Computer Science), Mrs. Leonard (Art), Mrs. Gleissner (FACS), Mr. Hamsley (Engineering and Technology),

Mr. Stutzman (ELL), Mr. Wolf (Robotics) and Mrs. Snyder (Flight & Space and Medical Detectives)


Next week students will be practicing and learning basic greetings/ goodbyes, asking for each other’s names and how are you’ s in Spanish.


In Japanese, we will be working on basic classroom expressions.

English Language Learners

This week students will continue the Do it Nows and get into our first unit of Amplify next week.

Computer Science

7th grade

Students will be working with variables and start looking at sprites.

8th grade

Students will start looking and writing basic code for the Microbits.


7th grade: Next week students are drawing a portrait focusing on defining forms with value.

8th grade: Next week students are making sculptural pinch pot animals.

7th & 8th grade FACS

7th grade: In the Interpersonal Relationships unit, students will focus on making positive decisions, bullying, strategies to help others and conflict resolution.

8th grade: In the Finance unit, students will learn how to write checks and reconcile a check registry. They will learn about credit vs. debit, budgeting and identity theft.

7th grade Engineering and Design & 8th grade Gateway to Technology

Students will be completing their introduction to 3D design software on inventor.

Flight & Space

Students will learn about the different ways an aircraft moves. They will then create straw jets and test them out in class.

Medical Detectives

Students will solve the case of the mystery illness. They will learn about viruses and bacteria. They will also be doing a bacteria lab. Please make sure they have their Lab Safety sheets signed and returned. They also need to complete their lab safety quiz.


We will begin building the basic mechanisms used in the design of robots. Focus will be on simple gear trains and bevel gears.

PE/Wellness News

Mrs. Fair, Mrs. Lucas & Mr. Jackson

Last week students finished up fitness pre-tests so we are ready to begin our units of soccer, flag football and fitness. Please make sure your child is bringing PE clothes on Monday mornings. We ask that students take uniforms home on Friday’s for washing.

Below is one of our Wellness classes working on planking!

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Music Department News

Mr. Abbey (Band), Ms. Szymkow (Band), Mr. Zimmerman (Choir) & Mr. Miller (Orchestra)


Band students are reminded to bring their instruments to school. If students need reeds, valve oil, slide grease, cork grease, or rotor oil, that can be purchased through the band bookstore located in Mrs. Berkley’s office in the main office. Payments are cash or check only. More information can be found on the course Schoology page.


Students will be logging into their new sight reading factory accounts next week. We will continue learning new songs and rounds, along with our new repertoire.


All Orchestra classes were great this week. Please put all performance dates on your calendars - they are mandatory for students. If your student still needs to rent an instrument, please call Paige's Music as soon as possible to secure an instrument for your student if you have not done so. We don't have any school instruments to loan out. 7th Grade Orchestra students will begin playing next week. Please make sure that instruments are coming home nightly for daily practice. When every student practices, we make tremendous growth as an orchestra.

Please CLICK HERE to enroll your student in the Avon Orchestra Private Lesson Program by no later than Friday, August 5.

Private Lesson Update:

A message will be sent out about signing up for private lessons. Please talk with your students about this opportunity for them to study one-on-one with an outstanding musician and performer.

Media Moments with Ms. Sever

Media Center

Ms. Sever

This week, every student in a 7th or 8th grade English Language Arts (ELA) class visited the library to check out a book to use for SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) during our Homeroom time starting in the upcoming weeks. Students were able to check out up to 5 books on their library accounts. Hopefully, we will be able to establish a schedule where all ELA classes are able to come to the library to exchange books on a regular basis. It was wonderful meeting all of these students and helping each student find a book that suited their interests!

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AMS South Visitors Policy

For Visitors to our Building

Avon Schools require all visitors to check-in at the front office using our visitor management system, Safe Visitor. This system requires visitors to scan their driver's license or state identification card for a check of their record. A temporary badge is provided to all visitors to wear while in our buildings. As our visitors leave school, they scan and return that badge to front office staff.

Entering the Building

Anyone entering our building beyond the front office will need to have a valid photo ID with them so that they can be checked in through our Safe Visitor Solutions system. You will be given a badge to wear while in the building so that you are identified as a visitor. When leaving you will return to the front office so that we can check you out of Safe Visitor Solutions and take your badge.

Visiting Students during Lunch

At this time, we are allowing parents/guardians to have lunch with their child during their specified lunch time in our commons area outside of the cafeteria. Parents must follow our policy for entering our building listed above; present a valid photo ID and be checked into our Safe Visitor system. Please take note that this process may take a few minutes to get you checked into our system so please allow for a few extra minutes for that process.

**If someone other than a parent/guardian would like to have lunch with your student, we MUST have that information in writing in advance from a parent/guardian. You can either send a note in with your student to bring to the office when they arrive at school in the morning, or you can email our attendance line with the information at msattendance@avon-schools.org


7th and 8th grade parents: Your children may be eligible for a college scholarship!

View the form below for more information.


Worth Ave. Group Laptop Insurance

Avon Community Schools has chosen Worth Ave. Group as the vendor of choice to insure school-issued laptops rented by students. Insurance with Worth Ave. Group will protect the device against: Accidental Damage, Theft, Fire, Flood, Natural Disasters, Power Surge and Vandalism. This insurance policy will provide full replacement cost coverage and will protect the item worldwide (on and off school grounds). The policy is also transferable to a replacement unit. Insurance plans may be purchased online.

  • Coverage Term: July 18, 2022 - July 18, 2023
    • It is up to you to renew yearly.

  • Deadline to Purchase Coverage: September 5, 2022

  • Yearly Insurance Rates:
    • 6th-12 Grade: Lenovo 11e Laptop $45.00
    • Costs are prorated for enrollment after September 5.
Worth Ave. Group Webpage for Open Enrollment

This link is available the 1st - 7th of each month.

2022 - 2023 Laptop Insurance Flyer

Click here to view open enrollment information.


AMS South Student Handbook

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Homework Hotline

Need help with Math and Science homework?

Call the Homework Hotline


Click below to visit their website


Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry Information

The Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry is available to Avon school families and employees.

Every Thursday from 5:00 - 6:00PM (when school is in session)

at Avon Intermediate School East

Please do not arrive before 4:30PM due to AIS bus/school traffic

Enrollment is simple. Please complete your 2020-2021 enrollment before you shop. Below you will find more information for enrollment, please click the link below.

Mary Lee Maier Food Pantry at AIS East

Thursday, Aug. 11th, 5-6pm

174 Avon Avenue

Avon, IN

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Community Flyers

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Community Flyers

Educational Flyers & Community Events

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