Student Expectations 2014-15

Will Rogers Junior & Senior College High

Morning Procedure

Please enter through the back (by the RAC) of the building, as front doors will be locked until 7:45. Prior to 8:05 you can only go to the cafeteria or girl's gym, Room #104

  • If eating, go to the cafeteria
  • If NOT eating report to girl's gym

Do NOT go anywhere else at that time. Halls will be monitored an you will not be allowed to roam without a prper pre-written pass from teacher for tutoring, library, etc. At 8:05 you will be released to go to your classes.


A locker will be given to you by your 1st hour teacher. Location of lockers will be dependent on which grade you are in. Lockers assigned:

7th grade: East hall

8th grade: West hall lockers on 3rd floor

9th grade: will be on 2nd floor

10th-12th grades: will be on 4th floor


As long as students throw away their trash they will be given the privilege of eating lunch in this area. If this becomes an issue the courtyard will be closed during lunch.

Snack Machines

These should only be used before school, before you make it to the lunchroom for lunch, or after school.


Are only allowed in the cafeteria and NOT in the classrooms. NO OUTSIDE food or drink allowed in the building (ex: McDonald's, QT, Starbucks, etc.)

Cell Phone/IPODS, and other Electronic Devices

Jr. High

Junior high school students are NOT allowed to use their electronic devices during the school day. They are not allowed to be out or used from 8:05 until 3:25. When class starts all phones must be put away in a purse, pocket, backpack, etc. They are not allowed out during class time. If you have it out, the phone will then be given to the dean. Students can pick up the phone on the first occurrence.

  • Put the phones and IPods away as soon as you enter the building.
  • They will be taken if you are using them.
  • Do not argue or refuse to give the device to an adult. If you do, you will receive either 3 days of Traice or 3 days suspension.

High School

  • High school students are allowed to use their electronic devices from "bell to bell" and during thier lunch time. This means that cell phones can be used during passing periods and during their lunch time. When class starts all phones have to be puta away in a purse, pocket, backpack, etc. They are not allowed out during class time and will be confiscated if yo have it out. The phone will be given to the dean. Students can pick up the phone on the first occurrence.


  • 1st time: Warning & students can pick up from the dean
  • 2nd time: 3 days of after-school detention and cell phone/electronics will have to be picked up at the Education Service Center. It takes about 3-4 school days before a parent can pick it up at the ESC.
  • 3rd time: 3 days of Traice and cell phone/electronics will have to be picked up at the ESC. 3-4 days wait at ESC
  • 4th occurence - 5 days of traice and the phone will be sent to the ESC.
  • 5th time: 3 days of Out of School Suspension and cell phone/electronics will have to be picked up at the ESC. It takes about 3-4 days wait at ESC.

Phone pick up at ESC

  • ESC is located at the corner of 31st & New Haven. 3027 S. New Haven.
  • Before you go to pick up the phone a the ESC, please call Campus Police at 918-746-6800 to make sure that the phone is available for pickup. The phone is usually available for pickup 3-4 school days after it is confiscated at school.


Get to class on time, no excuses. After school detention will be given each time you are tardy.

Skipping Class

It is an automatic 3 days of Traice


Not acceptable in any way. Pestering, intimating, or threatening even in jest will get you in trouble. Remember to watch your words even with your friends as everyone may not know you are joking around. Name calling will get you in trouble as well. If it hurts another person's feelings you will get in trouble.


BE AWARE! What you write on Facebook can get you into trouble here at school.


Skateboarding is NOT allowed on school property.


All medications/medicines that you bring to school have to be given to the nurse. If you get caught with any medicine you will get in trouble.

Video Surveillance

Cameras are used throughout the school day and evening. Videos will be viewed every morning. Any students failing to follow after school trespassing rule be caught.

Parking Permits

Driving to school is a privilege and will be revoked if you fail to:

  1. Fill out paperwork for a parking permit from the security office
  2. Fail to post parking pass in vehicle
  3. park in student parking lot/NW lot by RAC
  4. Park within a marked spot (not angled, taking up more than one space, etc.)

Remember you MAY NOT take passengers off campus druing school day.

After School Trespassing

All students are required to be out of the building by 3:35 unless they are part of a school-sponsored group or activity, or are participating in ASD. Students caught after this time will be given automatic Traice. This rule will apply to any students that choose to not stay with their assigned sponsor or coach.

After School Detention

ASD will be from 3:35-4:35. Students will meet in the cafeteria and must be on time. If students do not attend or get asked to leave ASD for not following rules they will have to attend Traice the next school day.

Contact Information


Jr High: Kelly Alexander


Sr. High: Phil Park



7th & 8th Grade: Asia Hongo


8th & 9th Grade: Dr. Theresa Williamson


10th Grade: Darren Hildreth


11th & 12th Grade: Erica Walker