Convicts of Australia

By Yonal

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The First Fleet started their voyage on 13th May 1787. They arrived in Botany Bay on 24th January 1788. The last of the convicts came in 1867
First Fleet - Behind the News

Number of People

The First Fleet had 11 ships and they left on 1788. They had on board more than 1480 passengers including men, women and children. Although most were British, there were still, African, Irish, American and French convicts. There were 162,000 convicts, in all 806 ships. Average age of a transporter was 26 years old.

More About First Fleet

Many Here were the names of the 11 ships. The Alexander, Borrowdale, Charlotte, Fishburn, Friendship, Golden Grove, Lady Penrhyn, Prince of Whales, Scarborough, HMS Sirius and HMS Supply.
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The Voyage

The voyage was HORRIBLE! For the first 20 years prisoners were chained up for the entire 8 months at sea. The cells were divided with about 50 prisoners in 1 compartment. Also there were rats and other pests. People caught diseases such as scurvy and sea diseases. It took them over 252 days for them to finally arrive in Botany Bay NSW. At that point everyone was exhausted and so tired.

Interesting Stories

This is the story of the Mary Wade. Mary Wade was living in a big family with 1 mum who was living in poverty. With another girl Mary stole some clothes off a small girl. She got sent to Australia.

John Red Kelly was sent to Tasmania for seven years for stealing two pigs. When released John Kelly stayed in Australia and is famous because is the father of Ned Kelly.

Elizabeth Thackery was convicted for stealing 2 silk black handkerchiefs.