Water Pollution and Runoff

By: Noah Blubaugh

What is Water Pollution and Runoff?

Water Pollution: The amount of harmful chemicals and contaminates put into bodies of water.

Runoff: When water drains off of the land picking up chemicals from the ground and draining into bodies of water.

Water Pollution in Urban Area

Because water cant soak into buildings, it goes to the storm water carrying harmful chemicals. Some particles that get washed into the storm drains are road salts, sediments, oils, and fertilizers.

Farming Pollution

Farms also hurt the water. Farming fertilizers, animal manure, too many animals in one area, and animal food is getting washed away with the rain and drains into the streams lakes and rivers.

How it Effects the Eco-System

Runoff is harmful to all wild life. Chemicals he get mixed in the water end up in animals. All types of animals have to drink water, and polluted water kills almost all wild life.

How You Can Help

Dont pour fat, chemicals, or pills down the drain. Avoid over using the water. Also, recycle if possible, if not try to re-use. Dont litter in water ways and respect the water you have.