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Weekly Update - 5/20/22

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Principal Thoughts

One of my favorite movies, A League of Their Own, turns 30 this year. If you’ve never seen it, I would highly recommend it. The movie takes place during World War II and tells the story of an all-female professional baseball league that was organized due to so many male baseball players leaving to fight in the war. The main characters are Jimmy Dugan, played by Tom Hanks, who was once a great baseball player but has had a fall from grace due to issues in his personal life, and Dottie Hinson, played by Geena Davis, a young woman from rural Oregon who is an outstanding baseball player. Jimmy manages the Rockford Peaches, one of the teams in the new league, and Dottie quickly becomes the team’s star player. As the season drags on, the travel required to play in the league and the difficulties of living without her husband, who was off fighting in the war, eventually become too much for Dottie. When Dottie’s husband returns from the war unexpectedly due to an injury he sustains, she decides to leave the team before the end of the season so she could return to her home in Oregon. However, Jimmy catches her before she can get away, and I have always found what he tells her to be very meaningful. Dottie first tells Jimmy that continuing to play and be away from family was just too hard, and that she can’t continue with the team. Jimmy replies, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard … is what makes it great.” This quote reminded me of a school year, which can oftentimes be hard for students, teachers, and, yes, administrators, but, like Duggan says, “the hard is what makes it great.” I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for those who haven’t seen it, but I think Jimmy’s words to Dottie hold a lesson for us all.

Counselor's Corner

This week, I have been meeting with many students who have expressed their worries, concerns, and anxieties about final exams. I cannot say that I have any brilliant words of wisdom for these students, but more than anything, I listen, and I help them with a plan on how to approach exams. As with many things that seem daunting in life, it helps to feel prepared and to have a plan.

One of the things that I do is to remind students that these exams do matter, but I try to also put them into a mathematical context. We will average first and second semester grades together after final exams. The non-EOC exams essentially count 7.5% of the overall grade for the school year. That said, if students have worked hard all year, these exams will not make or break their grades.

The next thing I do is to help students map out their study plans. We have five days before exams begin. Students can start this weekend by studying the subject matter for the first four exams (next Thursday and Friday). For example, they could focus on studying 1st and 2nd period exam material on Saturday and Monday with a review on Wednesday. They could then focus on 3rd and 4th period exam material on Sunday and Tuesday with review on Thursday. Then, they could schedule time to study for the 5th and 6th period exams over the following weekend and still have plenty of free time. Sometimes, we just need help orchestrating a plan. Consider talking with your students about this, and you may find that their worries are far less overwhelming.

~Be well, Mrs. Allred-McGee

Alternate Schedule for Wednesday, May 25

Wednesday, May 25 will be a Review Day for students prior to the start of final exams. All classes will meet on that day, and we will utilize the following schedule:

1st 8:30-9:25

2nd 9:30-10:20

3rd 10:25-11:15

Early Lunch 11:15-11:40

4th 11:45 - 12:35

4th 11:20-12:10

Late Lunch 12:10 - 12:35

5th 12:40-1:30

6th 1:35-2:30

Final Exam Schedule

Thursday, May 26

1st Period Exam, 8:30-10:30

Break, 10:35-10:50

2nd Period Exam, 10:55-12:55

Friday, May 27

3rd Period Exam, 8:30-10:30

Break, 10:35-10:50

4th Period Exam, 10:55-12:55

Monday, May 30

Memorial Day, No School

Tuesday, May 31

5th Period Exam, 8:30-10:30

Break, 10:35-10:50

6th Period Exam, 10:55-12:55

Wednesday, June 1

Math 1 EOC, 8:30-11:30

Thursday, June 2

Biology and English II EOCs, 8:30-11:30

Friday, June 3

Math 3 EOC, 8:30-11:30

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Lunch Menu Week of 5/23/22

Monday Pasta (Meat or Alfredo Sauce), Garlic Bread, Side Salad

Tuesday Southern BBQ, Mac & Cheese, Side Salad

Wednesday Beef or Chicken Tacos, Black Beans, Rice, Side Salad

Thursday No Lunch Served (HS Exams)

Friday No Lunch Served (HS Exams)

Driver's Ed

All classes are scheduled through Stanly County Schools. You can find available classes & register at www.stanlycountyschools.org (Departments > Student Services > Driver's Education).

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