Barton Hills Bulletin

February 8 - 12

From Kati

Thank you to Health and Wellness team for putting together an awesome community Health and Wellness Fair. This building was packed!

Have a wonderful week :).

Additional Information/Updates/ Reminders

  • At some point this spring (either before April 8th or after April 15th), there is going to be work done to address the erosion issues on the hill above and below the covered slab. This is part of the Neighborhood Partnering program with the City of Austin. There will be periods of time the blacktop and part of the lower fields will be fenced off. I will work with the contractor to minimize those times and keep as much of the play area open as possible. In the end, the hill will have some limestone blocks that will do double duty to both control erosion and create seating for an "amphitheater" like setting. As the plan develops, I'll let you know and keep you updated.
  • While it seems early, I am going to send out a Google Form for you to fill out about your reaching plans/assignments for the 2016-2017 school year. I will have it out early next week (at least that's the plan today :).

This Week's Events

Discovery Dome in Library

Price- Morning Duty

Monday -A Day

  • 7:45 Morning Assembly
  • 1:30 Shelter in Place drill (Think Halloween)

Tuesday - B Day

  • ARD/504/eCST Day
  • 8:00 - 10:00 Kati to O.Henry for choice sheet meeting
  • 6:30 PTA Executive Board meeting

Wednesday - C Day

Thursday -A Day

  • Trish's Birthday
  • 3:00 CAC

Friday - B Day

  • 1:30 Jazz performance for 3-6 (cafeteria)

  • Martha's Birthday

Upcoming Events

February 15

Parent Teacher Conference Day

February 18

11:30 4th Grade to Zach Scott Theater

No Meetings

February 19

8:00 Prospective Parent meeting

1:00 Fresh Friday #3

February 22

9:30 Fire Drill

February 23

9:00 5th grade to UT Telescope

February 25

3:00 Vertical Teams

3:00 Calibration Assessment for teachers who have to do TELPAS (if you were contacted by Stacy)

6:30 PTA/2nd/3rd Choir Show

February 26

Stacy's Birthday

Teacher Luncheon

8:00 Parent Coffee

9:15 First Grade to Innerspace Caverns

March 1

Primary Election Day - BHE is a voting precinct

March 2

Character Day

March 3

Faculty Meeting - Welcoming Schools Module 6

March 5

5th Grade Volleyball Playday

March 8

Becky's Birthday

March 10

Fun With Chemistry presentation (8:30 K-2; 9:20 3-6)

3:00 CAC

March 13

Gayla's Birthday

March 14 - 18

Spring Break

March 16

Mary's Birthday

March 21

TELPAS Testing (ELL students only)

March 24

Spring Vision and Hearing

8:00 Prospective Parent Tour morning

3:00 Faculty Meeting

March 29

STAAR Writing - 4th Grade

STAAR Math - 5th Grade

March 30

Rosalinda's Birthday

Avery's Birthday

STAAR Reading - 5th Grade

March 31

3:00 Cadres

April 1

Teacher Luncheon