Pelvic Fractures

When the pelvic bone is broken or at a unnatural angle.

What do pelvic fractures effect in your body?

Pelvic fracture effect parts of the Skeletal system and the Urinary system such as...

  • Femur.
  • Spinal Column.
  • Hipbone.
  • Urethra.
  • Ligaments.
  • Muscules.

How does the body work with and without a pelvic fracture?

Skeletal System - Deals with the weight of body and bones.

  1. No pain doing anything.
  2. Flexible.

When it's fractured.

  1. Pain moving.
  2. Can't be flexible without pain.

Who is likely to get a pelvic fracture

  • Can happen to anyone
  • More likely in the elderly
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How do You get this condition?

  1. Bone deformities
  2. Car accidents
  3. Falling
  4. Hit BY a car
  5. Drugs: Alcohol, Tobacco
  6. Etc...

How do doctors find Pelvic fractures?

Doctors can use a few machines such as

  1. A MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  2. A X-Ray to find out where it is.
  3. Or they may use a bone scan with radioactive materials that will appear around healing bones.

What are some signs and symptoms?

Some signs and symptoms are

  • Pain
  • Can't walk without assistance
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How do you treat this condition?

You can treat this condition by

  • Resting a lot.
  • Or use crutches to help move around.

Fixing a Fractured Pelvis

Can you live with this condition?

  1. You can live a normal life with a pelvic fracture, it will heal over time
  2. May find him/herself in a very bad situation.

Why did you do this Project?

  • Not a very common project to see
  • Not a lot of info about this project
  • Very common fracture in elderly
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