Mr. Pyle’s Science Lab Class

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A little about me

My name is Mr. Pyle and I am a science teacher. I’m originally from a small town called St. Louis Michigan, which is the geological center of the Lower Peninsula, or just south of Mt. Pleasant. I attended college at Lake Superior State University, which is located in the Upper Peninsula. There I filled my days with studies, as well as feeding my addiction to the outdoors, and learning all I could about the natural world.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and spending time with my wife, new born Son, and Dog

(preferably in the outdoors). Below you will find some snap shots into my everyday life.

My puppy

This is my dog Stella, she is a Chesapeake Bay retriever, which is one of the original dogs recognized by the AKC, and the breed originated here in the USA and is considered a true American sporting dog. She has been by my side since I got her. She loves to play fetch, chase my cat, but most of all she is a hunting machine.


100 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation

Our Labs

Below you will find links to labs that we will be performing. Feel free to take a look, pock around, and watch the attached videos that go along with the labs, and by all means LEAVE COMMENTS.