Plants Vs. Sparkling Water

Will sparkling water effect plants differently than water?


If we replace regular water with sparkling water in plants then there will be a change in growth because sparkling water is different from regular water.


  • Two same sized potted plants
  • Regular tap water
  • Sparkling water
  • A ruler
  • A notebook and pencil
Control: The control will be the potted plant that is not having it's water changed to sparkling water.
Constants: The constants will be the amount of water/sparkling water added to the plants each day, which is 2 teaspoons a day.
Independent variable: The independent variable of this experiment is the sparkling water/water.
Dependent variable: The dependent variable in this experiment is the two plant's heights.


  • The hypothesis was supported by the data found. The plant with sparkling water grew less than the plant with regular water.
  • This data found leads to more questions that can be explored and tested, such as, what is in sparkling water that is the cause of the loss of growth?
  • The experiment could be repeated and use a different type of water instead of regular water. This way we can see how other water types compare to sparkling water's effect on growth.