E-News: May 27, 2022

Vergennes Union High School

Reminder: No School Monday----- May 30 in observance of Memorial Day

Spotlight on Students!

This past week, Vergennes FFA had a wonderful time participating in the first in-person Vermont FFA Convention since 2019. Our Farm and Agri-business Management team earned 2nd place: McKenzie Bell, Brett Brisson, Megan LaFountaine, Kaydence Pecor, and Isaiah Visser.

We had two Ag Mechanics teams compete. The team of Brett Brisson, Megan LaFountaine, Kaydence Pecor, and Isaiah Visser earned 5th place and scholarships of $1,000 each to the University of Northwestern Ohio. The team of Gerrit Beenen, Jackson Coffey, Zack Norris and Spencer White earned 2nd place and $5,000 each to UNOH.

Spencer White also earned 2nd place individually and another $5,000 to UNOH. This is in addition to Spencer's win at the Skills USA competition a month ago where he earned a $7,000 scholarship to UNOH!

Congratulations to our students!

Hannaford Career Center Summer Camp Opportunities

Hannaford Career Center Summer Camp Opportunity - June 20-24

We are offering two free program opportunities for students currently in grades 7-9 during the week of June 20-24 at our north campus facility. Programs will be 8:30-11:30 each day. Maximum enrollment is ten students in each program. Transportation will be provided for those who need it. Breakfast/Snacks will be provided as well. Contact PAHCC Assistant Director Jay Stetzel at jstetzel@pahcc.org for more information and to register your student.

Art of Welding

Have an interest in learning the "Art of Welding"? Students will learn to cut and weld metal using MIG (wire feed) welders, acetylene torches, and plasma cutters and use these developed skills to create. We will start the week getting comfortable with these tools while developing a plan for our final installation. We will tour the Lemon Fair Sculpture Park and develop an artistic vision for turning a pile of scrap metal into ART! No prior experience necessary!

Soapbox Derby Cars

Students will design and build soapbox derby cars with a race at the end of the week. The cars will be a one-rider design powered by gravity or being pushed by one teammate. Students will work in pairs. Learn about essential parts of a "car" and design characteristics that allow for maximum speed (and safety). Let your imagination run wild and build something amazing.

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School Counseling News

Job Opportunities for Students

The School Counseling Office is often contacted about job opportunities for students. Opportunities can be found here. This will be updated when information is received. This information is also posted on the School Counseling Web Page under Quicklinks. Spotlight on: Wake Robin, Shelburne, Vermont.

Drive for Excellence - Burlington Subaru Hyundai Car Giveaway

Qualifying students (current Juniors and Seniors who are at least 16 years on or before 7/13/22) have the chance to win a new car or one of three $1,000 scholarships. Important information regarding this opportunity can be found here.

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News and Reminders from the Library

Gentle Reminder: Return Those Library Books!

Spring cleaning is upon us! Please encourage your student to locate and return any overdue library books. We would love to have books back on the shelves by the end of the school year. It is especially important that graduating seniors return their library books. The front office will have a list of students who owe library books for students picking up their cap and gown.

FREE Audiobooks All Summer Long

Taking a road trip this summer? Enjoy FREE audiobook downloads all summer long with SYNC, a free summer audiobook program for teens 13+. From April through August, SYNC offers two complete audiobook downloads a week, often pairing classics with new and high-interest titles.

Looking for more? The Green Mountain Library Consortium allows anyone with a public library card to borrow ebooks and audiobooks. The GMLC has both the Golden Dome Book Award (grades 4-8) and the Green Mountain Book Award (grades 9-12) lists available.

Please see Ms. Kunkel in the library if you need any help downloading books to your device. The wonderful staff at the Bixby Library is always available as well!

Talking to Children About Violence

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and the American Psychological Association (APA) provide helpful guidelines to educators and parents who are seeking to discuss violence with children in a healthy and helpful way. Before sparking a conversation with a child, keep this checklist in mind:


  • Assure the child they are safe. Emphasize the fact that schools put measures in place to keep students safe and discuss what steps are being taken to ensure the child’s safety in the classroom. Parents may need to reiterate that home is a safe space as well. It’s also a good idea to touch on the possibility of something bad happening versus the probability that it will. …
  • Set aside time to talk and be patient. It may take a while for a child to feel comfortable discussing events and verbalizing his or her true feelings, which is why making time in your schedule for healthy conversations is important. Look for cues that the child is ready to talk, such as if they are hovering around while you are completing routine tasks. As always, patience is key. …
  • Be mindful of the child’s developmental age when discussing violence. There are many factors that influence how a child processes trauma, including age.
  • Review home or school safety procedures to help the child feel prepared and empowered. Discuss how the child can be proactive and encourage them to feel empowered by reviewing what procedures they should follow in the event of a violent incident at school or home. Additionally, identify a trusted adult they can turn to in an emergency in both settings.

Here are a few age-associated guidelines to consider when discussing violence with a child:

  • Early elementary age – Keep conversations brief, simple and straightforward. Continually remind the child they are safe, providing general examples of what security measures are in place at school and/or home.
  • Late elementary and early middle school age – The child will likely ask multiple questions, so remember to provide simple yet honest answers. Give specific examples of home or school safety measures and focus on separating misconceptions and fantasies from reality.
  • Late middle school and high school age – Be prepared for the child to have strong opinions on school violence and other societal issues. Encourage them to actively play a part in their own safety by reporting strangers on school grounds and sharing any personal safety concerns they have with school personnel. …


One person to fulfill the PAHCC Board ANWSD Community At-Large Member
to expire in 2023

Please consider filling the ANWSD area vacancy on the PAHCC Board. The PAHCC is well used by students in our community.

Take a look at all of the programs at:
(https://www.hannafordcareercenter.org/programs). Many of us work in these fields. Many of us have been educated at PAHCC and know how important its curriculum and educational experiences are to young people in our region.

Please send an email to jstroup@anwsd.org if you want to learn more about serving


The ANWSD School Board is seeking an individual from the Town of Ferrisburgh who would be interested in serving on the School Board until March 2023.

If you are interested in serving on the School Board as a representative for the Town of Ferrisburgh, please contact:

Town Clerk Pam Cousino at 877-3429 or email TownClerk@ferrisburghvt.org to submit your name for consideration.

A Word from the Champlain Valley Superintendents

On behalf of the Champlain Valley Superintendents Association (CVSA), we want to express our disbelief and grief regarding the news of another senseless school shooting that took place this week at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The teachers, students, and families of the Uvalde community are in our thoughts as we continue our work in schools. While our Districts have reached out to our own school communities this week, we are united in our response to this unacceptable and horrific act of violence. The Vermont Agency of Education has also released a statement on this event.

We want to assure families and staff that all of our Districts have a number of protections in place to make sure our schools are safe for all students. We took time this week to review these materials and have shared additional resources with our students and staff members knowing that everyone will process this tragedy differently.

We often talk of the impact we (as educators) have on the growth of each student in our building. Many times, this work goes beyond the classroom. We are leaning on our educators, school clinicians, and counselors this week and likely in the days and months to come for their strength, care, and resilience. It is now more important than ever to talk with our children and each other, listen and empathize. When students feel down, they need to know that we care about them and are there for them. We are encouraging our staff and students to talk every chance they can because it matters. Acknowledging this sad and unfortunate situation is important. If anyone needs help and assistance, please communicate with us, your individual school counselors, principals, teachers, clinicians or other trusted individuals that can help.

We hope, at some point, these messages will no longer need to be written and our schools, here in Vermont and nationwide, can feel safe for all.


The Champlain Valley Superintendents

VUHS Food Service - Lunch Menu

You'll find the lunch menu linked here. More information about the ANWSD and MAUSD collaborative food service is available through the school website under services.

Last Day of School Is Monday June 13th