Dolphin News

Welcome back to school!

You can not measure how much we missed you!

a message from Mrs. White...

Welcome Back! I have never been more excited to see our students return. I am so excited to see their smiling faces! Our return to learn plan is five days a week in person with masks optional. We certainly understand if you would like to send your student in a mask but it is not required. We will continue with lots of safety protocols as far as cleaning, hand washing, and social distancing as possible. The district has also installed an air filtration system in all of our classrooms. Please see our return to learn information below for more details.

We really want parents to come in and see the building and meet teachers in person. It was very sad to me that we had new families that never saw the inside of our beautiful building or had a visual of where their student’s class was and what it looked like. Having said that we cannot go on with meet the teacher as normal. We must acknowledge that Covid cases are spiking and that our precious ones are not able to be vaccinated. For the protection of our students, your families, and our staff we have broken meet the teacher up into three sessions. Your teacher will call you and work with you to assign your session. Please see info below. Teachers report on Friday. Expect phone calls to start after that. Sincerely, Mrs. White

Please email me anytime with questions.

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Important things to remember...

In the morning...

  • Children may be dropped off at school starting at 8:00.
  • Pre-K students will be dropped off at the 2nd awning in front of the school. The Pre-K teachers will be there to greet them.
  • All other students may be dropped off in front of the school or in the back car rider loop.
  • Breakfast will be "grab and go" and available at both drop off places. Children will get breakfast and go straight to their classroom.
  • At this point, parents will not be able to walk children to class. We have lots of adults to help them get where they need to go.
  • Please remain in your car during drop off.
  • Children should ONLY BE DROPPED OFF AT THE CURB. It is not safe to drop them off in the parking lot. You may park and walk them across the crosswalk. Children must cross the crosswalk with their adult.
  • Make sure to come to a full stop at both stop signs in front of the school.
  • School start time is 8:30.
  • Quick good-byes make for dry eyes!

In the afternoon...

  • Make sure your child's teacher knows how they will be going home. If they are a bus or daycare rider, the teacher needs the bus number or the daycare name.
  • Car rider tags can be picked up during meet the teacher.
  • Car riders will be picked up in the back loop.
  • You must have your car rider tag in order to pick up your kiddos.
  • The office will be very busy. Children should not be checked out after 3:00.
  • School is dismissed at 3:30.
  • parents should meet walkers in their neighborhood and never park in the parking lot to pick up a walker. we need our front loop free from congestion for daycares and busses to load quickly

You must have a car rider tag to pick up your child in the car rider line. If your child is a car rider, please click on the button below and fill out the form. You will pick up your car rider tag at meet the teacher. You only need to fill out 1 form per family.

Click here if your child is a car rider!

Please complete 1 form per family.

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Thank you for your patience during arrival and dismissal the first several days of school. Students are learning procedures so everything will take a little longer than normal. Buses may also arrive at afternoon stops a bit later than normal as well.

Safety is #1...

  • A state-of-the-art air filtration system (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization) has been installed in each classroom and throughout our building.
  • Social distancing and the use of plexiglass dividers will be used when practical.
  • Masks are optional.
  • Visitors will be permitted in the building on a case by case basis with approval from Mrs. White.
  • Please take your child's temperature before they come to school.
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PTO Corner

Why is joining PTO so important?

Click here to find out all about our JDL PTO!

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We need volunteers!

Watch for opportunities to help with

  • popcorn days
  • smoothie days

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Every student will receive lunch and breakfast free of charge.

Even though all students will receive free lunch and breakfast this year, please complete the free and reduced lunch application below. Even if you do not qualify, please complete the form!

Filling out the form affects future funding for our school!

Welcome to the Dolphin family...

Miss Lauren Branch- 1st grade

Mrs. Jesse Kellogg- 3rd grade

Mrs. Becca LeDonne- 4th grade

Mrs. Marissa Allen- 5th grade

Miss Cecelia McTighe- 5th grade

Ms. Tifini Phelps- ELL

Ms. Krystal Clouse- Library TA

Francis Tuttle Pre-K teachers and TAs:

Ana Castellanos and Kathryn Kolarik

Sara Harris and Julie Lamar

Lindsey Manwell and Megan Martinez

Allison Underwood and Gracie Rios

This year the Francis Tuttle Pre-K center has been added to our Dolphin family! Welcome to the Francis Tuttle Ducks!

Know a pre-k student looking for a Pre-K spot?

Francis Tuttle has spots open!

Call (405) 842-1419 for more information or to enroll.

Dolphin Den is back!

We have spots open on a limited basis. Click the button below to register.
James L. Dennis Elementary

11800 James L. Dennis Drive

OKC, OK 73162


Renita White- Principal

Erin Camp- Assistant Principal