Joanna Arreguin Dream Vacation

Dubai Facts

My dream vacation is to go to Dubai. Dubai is located in the Middle East of the Arabian Gulf, it is located in one of the seven emirates that form the country United Arab Emirates, in fact it ts one of the seven emirates that form this country. I want to visit Dubai because I think it is a very beautiful place. Also because it just seems like a nice place to visit for vacation. I think something that makes this place great is that its is very nice, like at night you will see many lights bright up the beautiful city. Also because I think this place is unique.

A couple interesting facts are that the tallest building in the world which is the Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai. Also another interesting fact is that they also have the largest shopping mall which is the Dubai Mall. The most luxurious and fanciest hotel in the world is also located in Dubai. It is called the Burj Al Arab. Another interesting facts about Dubai is that they have many man-made islands, for example they have an island shaped like a large palm tree. Another couple interesting facts is that Dubai is ranked the most fastest growing city. The worlds largest horses are in Dubai.


It would take about 16-17 hours to get there in airplane. Dubai is 8,182 miles away from here (Houston Tx.). I would take a friend or a family member with me. I will get there by flying in an airplane. I would like to stay there for long but not that long because I bet it is very expensive to be there on vacation for many days. So I would probably only stay there for about 3 days maybe.


The cost for the hotel would be $1062 and i chose to only go to one restaurant s ince its already enough money spent, so im choosing to eat at Zengo which would be $68.06. So would be


I will stay in a hotel called Jumeirah Zabeel Saray. It is a 5-star hotel. It is a very luxurious hotel and it is $354 per night which would be $1062 for 3 nights if im the only one to stay in that room. It is in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. I wouldnt pack that much stuff or clothes because I would only be there for about 3 days.