Qualitativedataanalysis.net unveils a new training program for newly hired qualitative data analysts

New York City, NY April 24th 2015-a top rated qualitative data analysis service provider qualitativedataanalysis.net has unveiled a new training program for newly hires analysts. The move by the high profile company has been inspired by the need to increase employee productive value and increase efficiency in service delivery. The newly hired qualitative data analysts will go through a new hire orientation that will equip them with skills on how to work at the company and steer it towards achieving its short term and long term goals. Feel free to visit qualitativedataanalysis.net today to place your order.

There is nothing a convincing as a company that is committed towards ensuring that its customers have a good experience. Customers want to work with a company that is not only a professional but also reliable. With the company’s move to train its analysts, customers will be working closely with the analysts to ensure that the highest standards are met in service delivery. The qualitative data analysis company has emphasized on the need to ensure the highest level of professionalism in the delivery of services.

The new training program, which takes effect immediately for newly hires analysts, will involve a few days of thorough training by the company’s orientation professionals. The newly hired analysts will be taken through the whole process on how the company works its policies and so on. The qualitative research analysis company is confident that the move will be of great help in ensuring its success in the market. The company is also a professional in qualitative risk analysis and you can definitely bet on having a good customer experience at the company.

The company is currently offering a 20% discount. For more information about document analysis qualitative research, email the company through support@qualitativedataanalysis.net