Kaylah Figueroa Science 6

This page is for the reflection and sharing of my learning

Introduction to science six

Introduction to science six unit

In the science six unit, we learned how to properly use a microscope. We also learned how to use a globe for longitude and latitude. All of us measured ourselves. We also used triple beam balances. We figured out where Mr. Shafer surfed in our sand lab. Plus we did a letter "e" lab, we found out that you see the opposite of what you do. Right now we are working on our mini mapping project. We made observations and inferences. We did a quantitative and qualitative lab.

Kaylah Rhema Leanne Figueroa

I am the youngest sibling in my family. I enjoy singing, drawing, and baking. I have one turtle and two doves. I LOVE pigs and mushrooms.

My favorite activity

My favorite activity was when we measured each other. I liked measuring each other because we got to see our sizes, even our fingers got measured.