Christmas in Peru and Nicaragua

By: Chloe Johnson

Important dates in December

It is christmas time already! But in Nicaragua It's already past la is on December 8. Peru surprisingly has Christmas on the same day we do!They are similar in some ways though.
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Christmas eve in Nicaragua and Peru

We always wait for Santa right? In Nicaragua they sing christmas carols. In Peru they put their gifts under a tree.We are the same as both, weird right?
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The Jolly Old Fat Man

Peru, Nicaragua, and even us have Santa. He's the same old, jolly, belt wearing, present giving fat man.Santa In Peru rides a motorcycle.
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Day of Christmas

We all open presents and eat with our families on Christmas right? Well so do people in Peru and Nicaragua.
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Food for Christmas

Every Christmas we eat all sorts of food protein, vegies and fruit, grain, and junk food. At least my family does. For Christmas Peru eats Christmas food like us. For Nicaragua they eat anything they can afford.
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Other Traditions

We have traditions and they are what make us special. In Peru they have a tradition of saying "Nochebuena" to people on the streets going home. In Nicaragua they stay in town and sing for santa to have a good flight home.
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The End

That is what we have researched.