Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

I apologize for this wonky formatting. I don't know whats going on!!

Congrats! High fives! Awesomeness!

  • Mrs. Booth and her team and that it included for getting our new Wolf, Minaj, situated here at school!
  • #wearewhitt took on a new meaning with everyone stepping up/in with certain situations this week! So impressive!
  • Field day is TOMORROW! Thanks for rolling with these PTA changes, we think it's going to be a great day!


I've spent the last three days going through the


initial appraiser training. This new system will allow more face time between teacher and appraiser. It's also going to give concrete, specific feedback to you through 16 different

dimensions, and is evaluated through a rubric. There are a couple of terms that will require a shift in thinking but that's just easy semantics. Overall, I think we'll love it!

Speaking of field day...

Don't forget to park out front tomorrow!

K-1 8:15-9:45

2-3 10:00-11:30

4 12:15-1:45

Digital Fair!

Thanks to Mrs. Wiest for this blurb!

Whitt Elementary Presents a Digital Showcase

We “R2” excited for our Digital Showcase!

Join us next Thursday, May 26 from 5-7pm for our first technology night! We will have 2-3 classrooms open in each grade level hall where your Wolves will be able to show off their digital creations.

Additionally, we encourage you to visit multiple grade levels to see how we’re using technology for instruction

campus wide


You don’t

have any students in other grade levels? No problem! We’ll have student tech-


(not just experts…but TECH-


) in each classroom to help you learn about the tools we’ve used this year.

As you visit the various classrooms, teachers will be ready to stamp your check-in sheet to help you become eligible for door prizes. If you visit a minimum of 3 classrooms, you will be put in a drawing for AMAZING door prizes including an iPad mini, BB8 Droid, Camp Gladiator camps, free photo sessions, and much more!

In an effort to be sure everyone is prepared for the greatness that is to come, we’re requesting that you preload the following apps onto devices you bring with you:

Adobe Spark Video (also known as Adobe Voice)

Pic Kids


Show Me


You will be able to connect to our Wi-Fi once you’re in the building. Look for MyWyFi, and enter the password “



Come support your wolves as they show off their incredible digital products! We can’t wait to see you!

Calendar Comings

May 23- Amazing Jakes, Edtech Coaches out, garden club

May 24- SB out (TTESS) Kinder to the zoo (again!) Talent Show 7pm

May 25- SB out (TTESS) Honey Princes visit!

May 26- SB out (TTESS) Our first digital show, 5-7! WWE! Draper tour

May 27- Senior Walk, 10:15 Senior Walk! Day of Celebration! 7:45 talent show, Ice cream for bookworms

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Staci Crim's name was drawn from the Wolves who completed the staff challenges from the


. She received a GC for a one-hour massage! Thanks for participating and congrats Stace!