Mughal Empire

By- Diana Mejia

Mughal Empire

Empire founded by Babur, a Mongol-Turkic prince and in which he established in South Asia.( 1526 -1530 CE )


Social and Economic Classes

Mughal had a feudal government and the head was a Muslim emperor even though India was still under Hindu domination.

  • At the top of the social pyramid were the emperors and his nobles. The Kingdom was very rich therefore, the higher class could afford luxurious items as well as living in large palatial structures. Also, their lives were filled with parties and temptation.
  • The middle class was made up of merchants, industrialists and a number of other professions. They could afford living comfortable even though they could not afford luxuries.
  • Below the middle class are the poor class which had very low paying jobs, often mistreated by officers of the emperor and other high classes. Also, had very little food and their condition has often been called voluntary slavery.
  • At this time, women could have jobs and get paid.


Pictures showing Mughal empire

Economics the empire

Mughal Economy

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The economy in the Mughal Empire was very rich and, in fact, the Mughal time period is known to be one of the wealthiest and prosperous

Trade and Commerce , economy

Trade items included: rice, sugar, oil, cotton and indigo and Tropical foods. Also, jewels, textiles and stones.

-Trade was internally and externally. Also, all over Carribean and Asia.

- Taxes collected from peasants helped the government stay wealthy.

The peasants had to pay one-third of their income to the state.

- Also, there was a big merchant class that flourished trade all around.

- Large Centers of Commerce

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-The Emperor was Muslim but at the time, India was still mainly Hindu.

- Akbar created the " Divine Faith " which mixed multiple religions together instead of implementing Islam but Aurangzeb got rid of it during his ruling.

-Hindus and Muslims didn't mix nor converted to one another religion.

-During this time period the empire had a very high tolerance for religions .


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- A Feudal System , centralized government

-government was very wealthy

The first ruler was Babar

-The rulers were called shahs and the shahs had control over everything.

-- The government collected taxes from peasants.

-The Zamendars helped the Shahs collect taxes and acted as the local and regional officials. Also, helped the rulers gain control if anything started falling apart.

-Muslim laws applied to Muslims and Hindu laws applied to Hindus.



- The Gunpower technology used for war lead to the decline of the empire because of the greed of better technology

- Had great weaponry

- Astrolabe was created to tell direction.

- Also, used the Persian Waterwheel.

Created Canon Foundry made in the time of Shah Jahan. Mughal cannons were thought to be the most impressive and best cannons of the time.

-Volley guns and rocket were made.

- Discoveries for math, travel and astronomy.

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