Brewster School Newsletter

December 11, 2015


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Shout Outs

Please recognize your colleagues by sharing a Shout Out!

  • To the paraprofessionals who spend all their free time with Jenny learning how to use Goggle.
  • To the staff for always signing in and out. You make fire drills and safety drills easier.
  • To the PLC teams for continuing to be so focused and working to improve student learning during this time of year.
  • To Patti and Sandy for another holiday bulletin board to keep us in the spirit.
  • To Jeff for cleaning the stage for the Winter Celebration.


  • PreK AM and K concert practice - Dec. 15 @ 9:15
  • PreK PM and K concert practice - Dec. 15 @ 1:55
  • Grades 1 & 2 concert practice - Dec. 15 & 16 @ 2:30
  • Please count the student's Brewster Bucks prior to the assembly on Wednesday morning.
  • Please remember to check the late bus coverage schedule so that the bus walkers don't have to do it every day. We usually only need one individual to cover.
  • We don't have a family to shop for this year, but we are collecting gifts for the Solnit center at the end of the hallway. Please consider picking up a gift over the weekend.


  • Now is the time to get rid of your junk. Remember to put green dots on anything you want removed from your room. If it is broken or no good to anyone else please write discard on it. If it can be used in the future just put the green dot on it. Give a list of the things you put dots on to the office on or before Friday, December 18th so the custodians know what to remove from your rooms during winter break. For more specific information refer to the previous emails that were sent.
  • We must do a Secure School drill before the holidays. I am hoping to do it next week. Please refer to the Classroom Emergency Response Chart or your Crisis Manual for the proper procedures. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  • Current Coaching Cycles are coming to an end. If you are interested in a Coaching Cycle after the holidays please complete the paperwork and forward it to me ASAP. The Reading Specialists would like to begin planning during the holiday break.
  • All staff should park on the playground Thursday morning to make parking for the concerts a little easier for our guests.
  • The Winter Celebration is on December 17th. Lunch will be in the classrooms. The coverage schedule is attached. There will be inside recess because the playground will be used for parking. Please make sure you have a parent sign-out form in your classrooms since parents will be allowed to sign their children out after the concerts.
  • Patti has given each classroom enough decorations for the tree display across from the copy room. Pre-school will get theirs on Monday. All staff members are asked to participate also. The decorations are in the office. Please stop by and pick one up to put it on the display. The tree is almost full, so please decorate around the tree , the sign and the reindeer. Thank you so much for all participating.

School Happenings

December 16 - PBIS Assembly 8:50

December 17 - Winter Celebration PreK & K @ 12:45 and 1 & 2 @ 2:15

December 18 - Winter Celebration snow date, Sunshine birthday celebration

December 23 - Class parties, Early Dismissal


The date for the Ugly Sweater Contest will be Friday, December 18th as long as we don't have a snow day for the winter celebration. Sunshine will have a prize for the winner!!! Don't forget to vote for your favorite.

On the 18th Sunshine will be celebrating December birthdays for Katie, Dan, Patti and Terri. Come down and enjoy birthday treats from Maura L, MaryBeth, Tammy, Jen T, and Carm.

Sunshine will be having a re-gifting grab bag on Tuesday, December 22nd. Please bring in a gift item that you received in another grab bag. The stranger the better. If you bring in a grab bag item you can pick one out for yourself.

If you have noteworthy information or know a colleague who does, please share it with me so it can be acknowledged in our newsletter.