Southern Colonies

Virgina, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia


  • Was found in year 1607 by John Smith and the London Company. Their reason to finding Virginia was to establish settlement in Jamestown.
  • Virginia cash crop is tobacco, but money was also made by agriculture
  • By 1775 Virginia become a Royal colony, but started out as corporate colony.
  • Around 350 people in 1610
  • Powhattan tribe is in Virginia.
  • Anglican but there wasn't a specific religion which gave freedom to Anglican and Baptist and other religion that worship God.


  • Found in 1633 by George Calvert and it was a refuge place for the Catholic people.
  • Cash crop is tobacco, but money was made using agriculture.
  • Maryland is a proprietary government.
  • In 1770 the population was estimated to 202,599.
  • Native American tribes was Concy, Assateague, and Susquehannok
  • There wasn't a specific religion but Anglican after 1692. 1649 Maryland Tolerance Act passed; it guaranteed religious tolerance on the settlers.

North Carolina

  • Found in 1653 by Virginia colonist( Charter of Carolina) In hope to finding good farm land.
  • Agriculture is the main way they made money cash crops is rice, tar, and turpentine.
  • Had an Proprietary government.
  • In 1770 there was an estimate of 197,200.
  • Hatteras, Cherokee, and Catawba was the Native tribes.
  • Anglican but was open to other religion.

South Carolina

  • Found in 1663 by English nobles with a Royal Charter. They was looking for farm land.
  • Rice and Indigo was the cash crops, but there was a lot of agriculture. Also slave trading was big.
  • It was a proprietary government.
  • In 1770 the population estimate was 124,244.
  • The native tribes was Yamasee, Catawba, Cherokee.
  • The religion there was Anglican.


  • Found in 1733 Founder is James Oglethorpe. Was established to hold prisoners from Europe.
  • Cash crops was Rice and later on Cotton, but the min money maker is agriculture.
  • The government was Royal.
  • In 1770 the population estimate was 23,375.
  • the native tribes there was Creek and Cherokee.
  • The religion that started out in the colony was Anglican.
Thirteen Colonies: the Southern Colonies