Tech Bytes

Your Weekly Techspiration! - 1/16/14

Teaching Writing Skills Through Videos

In this NBC Learn special collection, children's book authors share their writing experiences to help students learn more about the craft and techniques of creative writing. Check out videos from Doreen Cronin, Jeff Kinney, Mo Willems and more!

Pre-writing/Planning with the Popplet App

Check out this example from a 3rd grade class who used the Popplet app to organize main ideas and supporting details in the pre-writing stage. One benefit to Popplet is that users can easily move ideas on the screen (something that cannot be done easily on paper). Text, images and drawings can be included in Popplet webs. Let me know if you think your students could benefit from this app! It is installed on all iPads in each building's iPad cart.

Get Organized with Your Usernames and Passwords!

It's a new year....time for organizing your usernames and passwords in a secure way for anytime, anywhere access (some place other than that notebook in your top desk drawer). If you have a smartphone, search your app store for a password keeper. Keeper and Password Box are just two examples that are available in the App Store. Find one that you like, ensure it's secure, and get in the habit of storing your usernames and passwords in one place so you can find them when you need them!

Requesting Apps

How do I request an app to be installed on my building's iPad cart? How do I find a list of the apps currently installed on my building's iPad cart? How do I reserve the iPad cart?

All of these resources can be found in your building's Y: drive in the Public folder titled "iPads." Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding these files!