Behind the Barbed Wire

What was really happening behind the fence

The American Propoganda

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A photo taken by the War Relocation Authourity to "show," or be used as propaganda, to display the living conditions in the internment camps.

The Reality

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A man laying on a worn down cot in a cramped room show the real conditions inside the internment camps

Propoganda vs Reality

The photo on the left shows the is propaganda used by America. The picture is of a home in the internment camps. The room pictures a family of three. There is a bed, crib, window with plant in front of it, and a shelf with nice dishes on it. This picture which was used as propaganda to depict a high class of living. On the other hand, the photo on the right shows what really went on in the internment camps. It displays a man sleeping on a broken down cot in a cramped room. There is hardly any furniture and his clothes are strung on the wall. The contrast between the two photographs is the difference between what America wanted the people to see and what the reality of the situations was.