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Week of January 18

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You've reached our Halftime. And with flying colors I might add! In the eternal words of Bear Bryant, it's time for us to concentrate on winning the second half. What does that look like? Take a moment to view the video I posted below as a reminder of our Instructional Focus. Be sure you are daily working with the instructional frameworks listed on your Instructional Focus index card. Each of those play an integral part in the achievement of our students and the success of Tidwell.

I am excited to start our Second Half on Tuesday. I know you all will rise to the challenge and finish the year strong! Titan strong!

Enjoy your three-day-weekend,


This Week at Tidwell:

Monday, Jan 18

Student/Staff Holiday

Tuesday, Jan 19

Grades are DUE! See Tammy for special situations.

AVID Site Team Mtg 8:00am

Wednesday, Jan 20

New Student Breakfast 8:00am (library)

Boys Bball vs Wilson (7th away/8th home)

Thursday, Jan 21

Barker @ Admin (am)

Orchestra Field Trip to Bass Hall

Lady Titan Bball vs Wilson (7th home/8th away)

Friday, Jan 22

Grade Level Team Mtgs 8:00am

Tidwell Quality Defined - am

Important Information

  • If you have any questions regarding new students and grades, please talk to Barker and Jeffers.
  • Last year, we took a team to the Jostens Renaissance Conf. If you are interested in attending this year (and did not attend last year), please email Barker.
  • Be sure to check out this resource that Gatlin found and shared this past week. There some very interesting formative assessment tools that I could see many of you utilizing.
  • It's that time of year again! Be sure to READ ALL emails from Gatlin and Jardine as we enter Testing Season.


Get your walking shoes ready! This week in lieu of morning PLC meetings, we will each spend time walking in classrooms. Please view the attached Walk Week schedule to see your scheduled time and where you'll be observing. We have so many incredibly talented teachers, I am certain we will all gain stronger understandings of how our neighbors are supporting our Instructional Focus. This week is designed to be an opportunity to learn with and through others.

The far right column on the Walk Week chart tells you which element of the Instructional Focus you are to be observing. Please utilize the following guiding questions as you spend time in your assigned classroom. Yes, taking notes is an expectation as we will be debriefing our walks in the following week's PLCs.

Workshop Model: What elements of the Workshop Model are evident? How are transitions between solo time and group time managed by the teacher? Are students aware of the expectations for Workshop Model? What insights into your own instructional practice were gained from this observation?

Progress Monitoring: What evidence is there of students' use of Progress Monitoring Tools? How does the teacher implement and refer to those during the lesson? How might you manage this tool within your own classroom?

Rigor Level: What types of critical thinking questions are used during the lesson? How are all students interacting with the critical thinking questions? Are the critical thinking questions cross-curricular? How might the use of critical thinking questions increase the rigor of your classroom instruction?