Industrialization in the 1800's

Improvements of the 19th century

Improvements in trasportation

The two main ways of traveling and trading in the 19th century were the Steamboats and the Railroad system. By 1840 more than 500 steamboats were being used in the United States . In 1850 they were also being used to carry goods and people across the Atlantic ocean. Whatever the steamboat did for water traveling the train did for overland traveling. By 1860 about 30,000 miles of railroad linked almost every major city in the Eastern United States.

Developments in Manufacturing and Industry

The very first important breakthrough in the 1800's took place in how textiles were made. Before 1800 the making of clothes was very time consuming and took many people working on them. Technological improvements sped up the process and merchants began to build large textile mills, or factories, near rivers and streams. One dramatic change was the opportunity that factory work gave to young women. Young women at the time were not allowed to work.

Working Conditions in Factories

Working conditions were not so great a girl fell and broke her neck and died instantly. The mills floor was icy wich caused many deaths and injuries. Railroad cars also killed another employee. One man got injured with just some bones and ribs broken. These working conditions were not so great , but it gave people the opportunity to work. These working coditions did not have any safety .