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: Is the biggest planet in our solar system

: Is the 5th planet closest to the sun

: It has a liquid metal ocean

: It is a gas planet

: Is the fastest spinning planet in our solar system.

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The minimum distance of Jupiter from Earth is 630,000,000 km, so NASA had to take this picture of Jupiter from a satellite.
The movement of Jupiter is very slow and fast it takes 9.8 hours to rotate once but it takes 11.86 Earth years to do a complete orbit around the sun.
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Jupiters size is so huge that it takes 11 Earths to equal the diameter and it only takes 10 jupiter to equal the suns diameter.

Physical properties

Jupiter is mostly famous for The Great Red Spot. The Great Red Spot is a huge hurricane that's the size of three Earths and as wind speed that is over 400 miles per hour. Earth could fit inside Jupiter more than 1,000 times. It is also a very stormy planet.
Weather on Jupiter 1/7
Jupiter has a 66 moons that orbit it and it has a very faint ring system. The suface area is 27.71 billion square miles.
Also the weather climate is normally -190 degrees Fahrenheit. It has thick clouds of poisonous gases.


Jupiter is 5.2 Astronomical Units which is equal to 630,000,000 km farthest from Earth. When Jupiter and earth get the closet they can to each other they are 390,682,810 miles away.
Below is a theory of we think Jupiter's interior looks like.
Interior of Jupiter theories
Below are two pictures of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. One is with a thermal camera one is not.
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