Amy Hastings

Future Speech & Theater Teacher Extraordinaire

Who Am I?

*Grew up in Kansas City

*Heavily involved in theater growing up

*Graduated from Ottawa University with a degree in Speech

*Senior Thesis focused on how to improve the U.S. Education System

*Participated in Debate & Forensics in college

*Teaching Certification from Avila University

*I make delicious lattes

*2 biggest loves are my dog and musicals

Teaching Philosophy

Educating all people is vital in bettering our world, and the arts are just as crucial. Theater and Speech teach so much more than performance. These subjects teach students how to understand one another's point of view and become more self confident. I will create a classroom atmosphere of respect and support so that each student is able to express his or herself without fear of judgement. My job is to help my students not only become effective communicators, but empathetic and open-minded individuals.