Mangenese/ Mn

The Magnet Metal

Basic information

Founded in 1774 in Sweden from a man known as Johann Gahn

Atomic number 25

Atomic wieght 54.938045

Classifacation metallic

Color silvery metallic

Group N/A Period 4



Manganese is in soil deficiencies lead to infertility in mammals and to bone malformation in growing chicks. Permanganate is a powerful oxidising agent and is used in quantitative analysis and in medicine Found in vitamin B and used for alloys like steel aluminum and antimony.

Fun fact: Its latin word "magnes" meaning "magnet",

Geology Biology and properties

Stucture of the bone and on vitamin B

Not a free metal in nature PPB Universe-8000 weight

Sun-10000 Meteorites-2800000 human-200

Denisty -7470KG M-3

Volume-7.35 CM3.

Fun Fact: Like carbon it is almost found everywhere.